The 11 Best Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm offers the culinary connoisseur a surprising variety of traditional and modern cuisine. Fresh ingredients have always been native to Swedish cuisine and seafood is a special delicacy in Stockholm, where its impossible to ignore the fruits of the Baltic Sea. This section features a collection of award-winning, popular and astonishing restaurants. Take your pick.

Wedholms Fisk

Wedholms Fisk, founded by legendary restaurateur Bengt Wedholm, is one of the few restaurants in Stockholm entirely devoted to seafood. The dishes — a combination of Swedish culinary traditions with new influences and techniques — include such delicacies as fresh oysters with pumpernickel bread and shallot vinaigrette, whole poached sole with trout roe and champagne sauce, and fricassée of turbot, sole, lobster and scallops. Come here for a long lunch and gaze over the ocean views from the restaurant, or for that special occasion you can book the private room for a gourmet feast for up to 12 people.