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August 7, 2012: 2013 Consumer Outlook… Wall Street Middle Management Jobs Go to Mid-America… and more

July 24, 2012: Why private jets hold the key for premium airlines… How private jets are bring $110 million to Atlanta… and more

June 26, 2012: UHNWs “Defy Being Categorized by Geographical Location”… Why The Rich Recovered and We Didn’t… And More

June 12, 2012: Elite Traveler Sells Major Watches for Ulysse Nardin… Exclusive Interview With NetJets’ Chairman Hansell… And more

May 22, 2012: What’s Stopping You From Selling More to UHNWs… How 42 Private Jets (and Yachts) Changed Fiji’s Fortunes… and more

May 1, 2012:Homeless With 20 Homes… Lagerfeld Takes Flight… Does Advertising to UHNWs Work?… 8 Million Hours A Year To Ride on a Private Jet

April 17, 2012:SPECIAL REPORT – 350,000 And Underwater – Profiles of `Rich` Consumers in America…

April 03, 2012:Elite Traveler Sells Two $86,500 DeWitt Watches… USA Today: Mass Ad Dollars Wasted as Women/Youths Shop Price Over Brand… And more

March 20, 2012:One Elite Traveler = 25,000 Regular Travelers… Bloomberg – $500,000 A Year And Broke… And more

February 21, 2012:The Private Jet Lifestyle With A Russian Twist… Diamonds Are Forever, Money Isn’t… And More

February 7, 2012:Facebook “Likes” The Private Jet Lifestyle… Elite Traveler Featured in Florida Campaign Ads… And More

January 24, 2012:Want To Find Rich Russian Clients?…The Top 1 Percent – Perception and Reality… And More

January 10, 2012:English Butlers In Demand In China… MMGY And Harris Surveys Say U.S. Mass Affluent Cutting Back On Long-Haul Travel… And More

December 20, 2011:International Luxury Travel Mart Report… IPSOS Reports Mass Affluents Still Struggling… And More

November 29, 2011:UHNW Spending To Rise In 2012…Luxury Companies Seeking TLC (Traveling Luxury Consumers)… And More

November 15, 2011:Eurozone Concerns Mean UHNW Consumers Take Center Stage…Private Jets Create Jobs…And More

October 18, 2011:The $250 Million Private Jet (interior)…Who’s Buying Luxury? Over $7 Billion in First Half 2011 Private Jet Deliveries…and more

October 4, 2011: Tiffany’s Targets UHNWs To Boost Profit, Sales…Companies Cut Back On Business Travel Expenses…Luxury Daily: Tips To Succeed In A Recession and more

September 22, 2011: A Buyer’s Guide To Private Jet Media; The Mass Affluent Are No Longer Aspiring: “We’re Middle Class”; Private Jet Frenzy In Green Bay – We Were There; China’s Ultra Wealthy Go Global (With Elite Traveler) and more

September 06, 2011: Private Jet Travel Sky-High For Summer; That’s What Friends Are For; Super Rich Get Richer… But Have Problems Too; Here’s What Elite Travelers Are Buying…

August 23, 2011: Private Jets = Jobs; How Rich Do You Have to Be to Fly Privately?  The $46,000 Per Month Four-Year Old; TEFAF Sets Records; Mass Affluent Pessimism Sets Records; and More Americans Rethink Vacation Plans; The Truth About the Rich.

August 09, 2011: Unity Marketing Reports Downturn in Luxury Consumer Confidence; Americans Rethink Vacation Plans; The Truth About the Rich; and More.

June 28, 2011: Elite Travelers Spend Big in New Zealand; Art Basel Europe Draws Over 300 Private Jets; Time Magazine Asks “What Recovery?” as U.S. Mass Affluent Suffer; The Super Rich Get Richer: 2011 World Wealth Report.

June 09, 2011: China’s Super Rich Fuel Luxury’s Boom; MUST READ: WSJ Report Highlights Travel Patterns Of The Private Jet Set; India’s Radar Screens Fill Up With Private Jets; Report From The Vegas Jewelry Shows.

May 24, 2011: Bloomberg – Nearly Rich Still Cutting Back; Private Jets Boost Turks & Caicos; Angelina and Brad Are Elite Travelers; WSJ – In China and India Top 1 Percent Control the Wealth; and More.

April 28, 2011: Runway Legends on The Runway; That’s a Superyacht; Private Jet Travel Continues to Increase; Elite Traveler Style Editor Tanya Dukes Named Couture Jewelry Award Judge.

April 12, 2011: Earning $24,000 A Minute; Private Jets Boost Hawaii’s Economy; A $3 Million Party In Miami; Super Rich In Sanya…

March 22, 2011: Billionaires Are Back; Thailand Increases Focus On Private Jets; For Jet Makers, When In Rome or Beijing; NetJets Places Major 120 Jet Order; and More.

March 1, 2011: Tracking a Billionaire; Private Jets Rebound in Europe; Joining the Private Jet Set; Newsweek on The Super Rich.

February 16, 2011: How the Super Rich Left the Rest Behind; The Most Expensive Bed in the World; The Super Rich in China; and More.

February 1, 2011: We’re Launching Elite Traveler Asia; Getting Ready For The Super Bowl; Private Jet Travel Continues Its Growth in 2010.

January 11, 2011: Jay-Z Makes Beyonce and Hermès Happy for the Holidays; On the Eve of Italy’s Fashion and Geneva’s Watch Shows: The Rise of the New Global Elite; A 2011 Look Ahead.

December 14, 2010: Elite Weddings Mean Dollars; How Much Can You Lose Without Noticing? For One Elite Traveler It Was $800,000; Crain’s: Top 1% Double Their Share of Earnings; Washington Post: $250,000 Household Income And Underwater.

December 2, 2010: Anniston, Diaz, Elite Traveler and Mexico; New In 2011, An Exclusive Preview Of Our Elite Traveler Destination Guides; Booz Publishes New Survey On Mass Affluent Spending; Elite Traveler Testimonials.

November 16, 2010: Brandweek on Aspirational Consumers: RIP; American Affluence Research Center: Focus on Top 1 Percent; Private Jet Flying Up 10 Percent in October, and GM Chairman Was Always Flying Privately.

November 2, 2010: UHNWs Have A Banner Year; Top Reasons to Advertise in the January/February Issue; Unity Marketing: Mass Affluent Spending Stymied; Some Advice For 2011.

October 21, 2010: NetJets Makes Big Private Jet Order; Mass Affluent Curb Jewelry Spending; Private Jet Travel Up 13 Percent YTD; The Private Jet Industry Speaks Out on Elite Traveler.

September 28, 2010: A Blog About What’s Rich Sets Off a Literal Focus Group of Feedback From Affluent Consumers (Items 1 and 4); Ipsos MMR Survey Shows Magazine Advertisers Beware; and Private Jet Travel Continues Its Rebound.

September 14, 2010: What We Did This Summer; New Jobs = Less Money; Mumbai Gets a Private Jet Terminal; Your Guide To Reaching High Net Worth Consumers; and More.

August 17, 2010: Private Jet Travel Up Again in June; Trophy Houses Are Hot in London; What the Elite Have Their Personal Concierges Chasing; More Elite Traveler Success Stories.

August 5, 2010: We’ve Moved-Our New Address; Style Editor Tanya Dukes Wins WJA Editor of the Year; Contributing Editor Kelly Carter Hits The New York Times Bestseller List; A Private Jet Problem in Sun Valley.

June 15, 2010: Announcing Elite Traveler Superyachts, a New Magazine; Net Worth/Household Income: Do We Need a New Way to Look at the Ability of a Prospect to Buy? Would You Buy Diamonds Without A Certificate? Leaving Las Vegas With Money.

May 18, 2010: Super Rich Charge Back To Luxury; Private Jet Travel Boom Continues; Distribution Survey – What Publications Do FBOs Distribute?

May 4, 2010: Spotting Knock-Offs; Another Elite Testimonial; The $53,000 Bottle of Dom (and $16,000 tip); Private Jet Travel Grows in NY.

April 14, 2010: Private Jet Business or Pleasure? We Share The Answer; For Elite Travelers, March Was A Lion For Buying; What Finding A Boutique Location and Media Buying Should Have in Common; and More.

March 30, 2010: Rock and Roll Jet; Private Jet Travel Jumps in January; The Two Track Recovery; Where Are Your Ad Dollars Going; and more.

March 17, 2010: Coming Out of the Recession, Marketers Think Global, Irish Eyes Smile On Private Jets, Robb Report Asia Closes as US Edition Suffers A Major Circulation Dive, Seoul Joins The Private Jet Crowd.

March 2, 2010: Private Jets Fly High In January, The $339,000 Safe, Gulfstream Launches a New Jet, The Super Rich and the Economy, and More.

February 9, 2010: Shame Over, Big Yachts Are Back; Booz & Co.: Super Rich Spending Trends; 2009 Highlights; The Super Bowl Hunt For Private Jets.

January 26, 2010: Elite Surprises From The Geneva Watch Shows; Sweet 16 For Diddy Scion; Personal Bankruptcy, Foreclosures Soar: ABC News; Middle East Private Jet Boom.

January 12, 2010: Private Jet Travel Jumps 22% in November; More Pain for Mass Affluent; Super-Rich Still Rule; and More.

December 15, 2009: Affluent Consumers Trust Themselves, Business Travel Recovery Slow for Mass Affluent, Private Jet Terminal Coming to Tel Aviv, Free Issues of Robb Report, More ET Success Stories.

November 24, 2009: Report From the IHT Techno Luxury Conference in Berlin; Ad Age Evaluates Conde Nast’s Circulation; New (Bad) Mortgage News, Private Jet Travel Rebounds, Mass Affluent Change View on Luxury and More.

November 19, 2009: Elite Traveler Insider Special Report: Are You Getting The Sales You Deserve?

October 13, 2009: Economic Outlook and Four Key Points to Consider; How We Spent Our Summer; 18 Days, 10,000 Private Jet Passengers 1-to-1 With You; Our Circulation Guarantee.

September 29, 2009: My China (Private) Jet; What We’ve Learned on the Internet; A Chart You Don’t Want to Miss; Go For the Gold; The Biggest Loser(s)

September 17, 2009: Private Jet Flights Bounce Back; Everything You Need to Know About Circulation Before Your Next Ad Buy, and Breakfast With Legendary Hotelier Ali Kasikci

August 25, 2009: Report from The Leading Hotels Marketing Conference… Advice From Andrew Sacks… Our Analysis of What McKinsey Will Find at Conde Nast

August 11, 2009: State of The Private Jet Business (A Must Read), Charging With Bernie (A Look at his American Express Statements), Why The Rich Should Keep Spending, and More

July 28, 2009: If They Spend That Much on Frames…Tales From The David Divorce…Unique Experiences Counter Discounts…An Elite Advertising Guarantee

July 14, 2009: Is Advertising an Investment or an Expense. . . Why You May Have Been at Sun Valley . . . More Elite TravelerShopping Success Stories. . . Private Jet Travel Grows in the Middle East

June 25, 2009: How Clinique La Prairie Serves Up the Private Jet Lifestyle; Elite Traveler delivers $150,000 for Roland Iten; and Breakfast with The Wall Street Journal’s Robert Frank

June 9, 2009: Making the Case for Luxury Spending; The Future of Aspirational Consumers for Luxury; and More

May 28, 2009: How Luxury Companies Can Use the Web; New MRI HHI Numbers for Magazines are Out; Getting the Super Rich to Super Spend; Target the Top 1% New Research Says

May 12, 2009: Defending the Rich and Helping Luxury Spending on NPR, Oprah Likes Private Jets, Amex Customers Cut Back and more

April 15, 2009: Mass Affluent Outlook Worsens, A $1.5 Billion Payday, and More

March 24, 2009: Middle Class Millionaires Go Shopping; Private Jets Talk Back; Home Sweet Mega-Home

March 3, 2009: Who’s Seeing Your Ad; Amex Customers Irked, and The Luxury Marketing Council’s Greg Furman 1-on-1

February 18, 2009: WSJ Report on Super Rich Spending; Prince Research on Watch, Hotel, Jewelry, Auto Spending, News from and More

January 27, 2009: Private Jets and President Obama… Should The Rich Spend… Private Jet Media Survey and more

January 6, 2009: Publishing’s Inconvenient Truth, Private Jet Updates and a New Year’s Message

December 10, 2008: Why We Should Encourage Super Rich To Spend; Private Jet Travel Grows in Dubai and Brazil; Shopping Stories of Elite Travelers…

November 4, 2008: Private Jet Orders Grow, Holiday Marketing Opportunities and More

September 23, 2008: Media Update, Who’s Super Rich Today,State of the Private Jets and More

September 11, 2008: Earning $1.7 Billion In a Single Day, Private Jet News and Super Rich Research

August 5, 2008: Rich Aussie’s Rule in Spending, PrivateJets Soar and Summer Wishes

July 22, 2008: The New York Times and Fox News Feature ET; Private Jets Soar; Trouble for AMEX Cardholders

July 7, 2008: Big Buyer Strategies, The First Billion Dollar Home, Elite Traveler Success Stories and More

June 10, 2008: The $300,000 Coffee Table; Private Jets Get Bigger and Faster; U.S. Economy Update and more…

May 27, 2008: Buffett Predicts Deep Recession; Private Jet Orders Hit New Records; Amex Survey Shows Mass Affluent Cutbacks; In Seattle, the Super Rich Say What Recession?

May 6, 2008: The $200 Million Apartment, Consumer Confidence Hits 26-Year Low, Britain’s Super Rich Get Richer and More

April 22, 2008: Preparing For the Storm; India Set for 300 Private Jet Airports; Billion Dollar Earners; A Trader Trades Down, and More

April 8, 2008: Who is the Elite Traveler? The Latest Data on the Economy… Executive Compensation Update… A Kentucky Derby Offer for You

March 26, 2008: Credit Card Debt Surges; Young, Rich and Confused; Private Jets Surge in Asia and more

March 11, 2008: Davos, Climate Change and Private Jets; Last Gas Before the Recession; Big Private Jet Growth Forecast for Asia and Middle East

February 26, 2008: Record Year for Private Jet Delivieries, A Guarantee for Advertisers, Larry Pimentel’s New Research and more

February 12, 2008: Travel Statistics from MMR; ET featured in Newsweek; A fast start for 2008; Consumers Get Egged in the UK, and more

January 29, 2008:Brand New Research on Luxury Spending, Spending of an NBA Star and More

January 15, 2008:A Super Super Bowl Offer, Netjets to Increase Capacity 29%, Elite Spending Increases as Credit Card Debt Sacks the Mass Affluent

December 18, 2007:After the Mortgage Meltdown, Next Fear: Corporate Debt. Santa’s List for the Super Rich – It’s Very Long.Trading Down and Down and Down

December 4, 2007:From Russia With Luxury: Supreme Menkes, Arnault the King, The Recession, What Keeps Tom Ford Up at Night, Graff on Graff, Gruosi Did It His Way, Angeloni’s Modern Rich and More

November 20, 2007:Report from The Luxury Marketing Summit; Russia’s Young Rich and More

November 6, 2007:ET Gets Buzz; More Signs the Mass Affluent are Cutting Back, Private Jet Travel Roars Higher and more

October 23, 2007:US Treasury Secretary Warns on Economy; New Research on the Affluent; and A Book from Yours Truly

October 10, 2007:Air France targets the Elite, Elite Traveler’s 2008 Editorial Calendar, We Look at Tax Returns, and more

September 25, 2007:Mortgage Mess Analysis, The World’s Largest Private Jet Convention, and New Readership and Household Income Statistics

September 4, 2007:Your Guide to Richstan

August 14, 2007:Mortgage Crisis Effects on Luxury Marketers; Steve Case’s Revolution, ET on iPhone

July 31, 2007:Concentration of Wealth Highest Since the ’20s; iPhone to Include Elite Traveler

July 17, 2007:30% of NYC Flights Now by Private Jet, The Super Rich get Richer

July 2, 2007:Exclusive Ferragamo CEO Interview, Private Jets fly High in Paris, Men’s Fashion News and More

June 19, 2007:Virgin/Branson Enter Private Jet Market, A Record Watch Sale, ET’s Hughes on CNBC and ABC News…

June 7, 2007:MRI Research Provides New Household Income Data, Private Jet Travel Reaches Higher…

May 15, 2007:New Research: Super Rich Plan to Increase Summer Spending 50% – Find Out What They Plan to Buy…

May 1, 2007:High Net Worth Households Grow, Mass Affluent Freeze spending, UK and Caribbean

April 17, 2007:Watches Get Tourbillon-Charged, Lifestyles of the Very Rich, The 1% Economy and More

April 5, 2007:In Time for Basel, the Hills Are Alive with Luxury Watches

March 20, 2007:Simon Cooper Jets Ritz-Carlton to New Territory

March 6, 2007:What’s Rich? Not $200,000

February 20, 2007:What Luxury Marketers Should Know About Very Light Jets (VLJ’s)

February 6, 2007:Laura Hughes talks about Super Rich at Super Bowl on ABC News

January 23, 2007:First Very Light Jet Delivered as Private Jet Industry Booms

January 9, 2007:Gas Lines for the Super Rich?

2006 Archive

December 19, 2006:Report from The International Herald Tribune Annual Luxury Conference

November 7, 2006:Special Report * Holiday Spending Survey

October 24, 2006:New Research Projects 2007 Spending for Mass Affluent and High Net Worth Segments*

October 12, 2006:Want Hot Information on The Super Rich and How they Spend?

September 12, 2006:Private Jet Demand Strong at All Ends, Wealthy Alumni Attend College Games via Private Jet

August 29, 2006:Consumer Confidence Plummets, Private Jet Bookings Soar

August 16, 2006:Terror Threats Spike Private Jet Demand, Adjustable-rate Mortgages Crimp the Mass Affluent

August 1, 2006:Honda’s Private Jet, Supersonic Biz Jet Coming Soon?

July 18, 2006: New York on $37,000 a Day, Lifestyles of the Super-rich Revealed!

June 20, 2006: Gucci, Fendi, The Great Divide, Co-Branding and Private Jets June 5, 2006: Keeping Your Private Jet Dry, Dubai Flies, Your One Percent core customer

May 23, 2006: Newsweek Report on Private Jet Lifestyle, New Prince Spending research

May 9, 2006: Versace Jets, The $390,000 Gift, Mass Affluent Housing Hits a skid

April 26, 2006: New Research on Spending, Segmentation of Travel Predicted

April 11, 2006: US. Commercial Airlines Drive Private Jet Growth, Mass Affluent Net Worth… March 2, 2006: Reach CEOs and Celebs in the Sky, Climbing Home Prices Crimp…

February 7, 2006: Mass Affluent Focus on Debt Reduction, Luxury Alliance Bullish on Private Jet Market

January 24, 2006: The Rich are Getting Twice as Rich (At Least), Super Bowl brings out super jets

January 10, 2006: R-C Cayman Case Study in Luxury, Mainstream Travelers Turn Negative


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