Finest Dining by Andy Hayler

From molecular gastronomy to the classic coq au vin, elite dining is one of the biggest joys of a private jet lifestyle. Join us as we explore the world’s best restaurants.

Five Best Restaurants in the World with Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

I am often asked what the best restaurants in the world are. There can be no definitive answer to this, but I can tell you my five favorites. Schwarzwaldstube There are few prettier places to visit than the Black Forest, and near the top of a pine tree-covered valley there is Schwarzwaldstube, the most influential restaurant in Germany. This has […]

Best Tokyo Restaurants 2019: An Ultimate Guide by Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

Tokyo is the food capital of the world. No one knows how many restaurants there really are there, but restaurant site Tabelog lists over 140,000. It has 11 three-star Michelin restaurants (Paris has 10), a remarkable 55 two-star eateries (to Paris’s 15), and 162 with one star, almost twice as many as the French capital. You can eat top-notch Italian […]

Best Indian Restaurants in London by Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

Finding the best Indian restaurants in London is no easy task. The cuisine has a long history in London, starting with The Hindoostane Coffee House back in 1810. The longest running one is Veeraswamy, which opened in 1926. No-one can be sure exactly how many Indian restaurants London has, but Tripadvisor currently lists 1,271, so it is not surprising that […]

The Hidden Gems of Sydney’s Dining Scene

By Andy Hayler

Sydney is blessed with a stunning natural setting with more than its fair share of fine beaches, harbor coves and secluded spots to take in the view. Circular Quay, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background and the famous Opera House to one side, is a fabulous backdrop for a firework display, as I discovered when I was […]

The Hidden Gems of London’s Dining Scene

By Andy Hayler

London has one of the most diverse food scenes in the world, with almost every style of cooking and nationality represented. It also has a hyperactive public relations industry, with seemingly every new restaurant opening breathlessly anticipated, slavishly reviewed and picked over by an army of bloggers, reviewers and journalists. In this febrile restaurant environment, are there any dusty corners […]

Top 5 Best Food Movies of All Time

By Andy Hayler

Food and movies are two of our favourite things, so it is unsurprising that they sometimes blend together. What are the best food movies of all time? There are many candidates, but to come up with a manageable list I have excluded movies where food is not central to the plot. This rules out classics like Breakfast at Tiffanys (1961) […]

The Michelin Three Star Restaurants of Southern France

By Andy Hayler Southern France has a fine climate and a quintet of three Michelin star restaurants to match. Bras, situated in an insect-like modern building clinging to a remote hilltop on the Massif Central, is home to the father and son team of Michel and Sebastian Bras. Michel Bras was named the most influential chef in the world in […]

Andy Hayler on the Cuisine of Athens

By Andy Hayler Athens is the cradle of western civilization. The iconic rock of Acropolis on which the Parthenon stands, dominating the city, was the site of the first settlement here as far back as 3,000 BC. The history of food in Athens is also lengthy, drawing in influences around Greece, from the hearty stews of Epirus to the rustic […]

Lyon: The Food Capital of France?

By Andy Hayler The obvious city associated with French food is Paris, but if you ask a French person what the capital of cuisine is in their country and they will usually point to the much less well-known city of Lyon.  The third largest city in France, Lyon is at the junction of the Rhone and Saone rivers, and so […]

Andy Hayler on What Makes a Great Restaurant

By Andy Hayler This story originally appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Elite Traveler. Food, of course, is a key part of the ingredients that make up an outstanding place to eat, but atmosphere and service are important, too—as is a wonderful view, inside or out. There is no shortage of restaurants: London alone has around 20,000, while Tokyo […]