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Elite Traveler Fall 2020

This edition showcases our Top Watches feature, and each and every one that has made it onto this year’s list is a work of art.

By Elite Traveler |  September 24 2020

Elite Traveler Fall 2020

It’s been an extraordinary year so far, and none of us have been traveling as much as normal. I’ve used my time, grounded in London, to do some reader research and have had the pleasure of connecting with a large number of you this month. Thank you to those that generously gave me an hour of your time to share your insight and opinion on the magazine and why you love it. I’ve been truly humbled by your responses and am looking forward to more regular contact with you all.

The huge personal, social and economic impact of Covid-19 will mark our lives for decades to come, and many of you have been using this period to take a step back and think deeply about the world in which we live, how we occupy it, and what our priorities are. This theme was not only woven throughout my conversations with some of you, but also through the characters that appear in this issue. Whether it is Fraser’s Raphael Sauleau encouraging employees to spend more time with their children during remote working, or Mark Allvey of Untold Story Travel’s clients, who continue to shift from the consumption of luxury goods to the consumption of authentic luxury experiences, there is a sense of turning massive challenges into meaningful change.

We are all about purposeful luxury here at Elite Traveler, and by this I mean not luxury for luxury’s sake — but championing the incredible craftsmanship that artisans and individuals put into creating the pieces or experiences that we cover in our pages. This edition showcases our Top Watches feature, and each and every one that has made it onto this year’s list is a work of art that not only takes years to design and develop, but also takes hundreds of hours of labor to bring to life.

On the subject of watches, we take a look at the history of Abraham-Louis Breguet, often lauded as the father of modern watchmaking. His legacy, 245 years since he founded the eponymous brand, is still influencing the watches on your wrist — his design codes and inventions are used by many prestigious watch brands today. We also go behind the scenes at Vacheron Constantin and their new women’s collection, Égérie. Again, we’re stunned by the painstaking hours that go into creating these incredible items — what other industry would use a hand-turned guilloche machine from 1904 to create a draped pattern that is engraved in miniature on a watch dial?

The Top Yachts feature in this edition looks at the yachts that are packed so full of exciting toys, onboard experiences and original features that you may well not wish to leave their confines for your entire stay. From the beach club that transforms into a nightclub onboard Joy, to the underwater viewing lounge on Savannah, these are some of the most exciting charter yachts on the water today. Savannah has some pretty impressive eco credentials too, and if you dive into our ‘Discover’ section you’ll also find Yersin, a vessel that prides itself on its low environmental impact.

As always, we finish the issue with an incredible trip to somewhere truly unique. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now than in a martian tent with panoramic views of Jordan’s dazzling Wadi Rum. Get in touch if you have any comments on this edition of Elite Traveler. I’d love to hear from you.

Thea Halstead, Head of Luxury,

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23 Object of desire

A first edition of Charles Darwin’s The Power of Movement in Plants has a handwritten note to his daughter.

24 Motoring

We explore a trio of off-road, made-to-order vehicles, ideal for your next wild adventure.

26 Yachts

The words ‘green’ and ‘yachting’ are not often associated with each other, but explorer vessel Yersin is a clean cruising pioneer.

28 Aviation

Boom is building the fastest and the most efficient supersonic jet in history.

29 Design

Correspondence sets to stay in touch with friends and family the old-fashioned way.

30 Wine & Spirits

New investment is bringing two legendary Scottish distilleries back to life.


32 Men’s style

Update your fall wardrobe with the softest cashmere.

34 Women’s style

We look to the designers who champion slow, sustainable fashion.

36 Jewelry

Ethical, expertly crafted pieces from the most beloved houses.

38 Clocks

Bold masterpieces that showcase mechanical brilliance and design ingenuity.

40 Destination style

We’re mesmerized by magical Istanbul as we pick out handcrafted gems from its streets.

41 The voyager

Bermuda holds a special place in Aerin Lauder’s heart; we find out why.

42 Craftsmanship

Vacheron Constantin’s new women’s collection, Égérie, combines haute horlogerie and haute couture, with stunning results.


46 Raphael Sauleau

The CEO of Fraser Yachts explains how technology and avoiding the crowds will shape yachting’s future.

48 Alison Gilmore

Portfolio director of International Luxury Travel Market on the travel industry’s role in rebuilding the economy.

49 Mark Allvey

Co-founder of Untold Story Travel discusses the strength of bespoke travel in the current uncertain climate.


52 Top watches

Peruse the finest horological masterpieces on the market today.

70 Spotlight

Sandra Ramani discovers the advantages of traveling to destinations outside the usual season.

76 Heritage

Roberta Naas delves into the history of Breguet and the genius of horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet.

80 Top yachts

The itineraries that take you to far-flung destinations on yachts that are so opulent you may never set foot on shore.


90 Top suites of Singapore

The buzzing metropolis is home to fantastic shopping, fascinating culture and world-class cuisine. We showcase the best suites from which to explore.

100 Destination guides

Immerse yourself in Edinburgh’s historic charm, or head to French Polynesia for exotic adventures.

112 The hot list

Wanderlust-quenching trips including chasing the southern lights in New Zealand and far-flung lodges in Australia.

116 Property

Check out secluded properties with acres of outside space, your own wellness village and a penthouse retreat.

120 Flight of fancy

Stay in panoramic tents in the otherworldly Wadi Rum.

View the Elite Traveler Fall 2020 Issue

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