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Elite Traveler Spring 2022

Our Top Adventures issue is here, featuring some of the most incredible experiences on Earth.

By Samantha Coles |  March 4 2022

elite traveler spring 2022

In travel, as with life, we rely on what we know versus what we don’t. We all have our favorite destinations, places we visit time and time again that bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia. But exploring far-flung locales (and learning a completely different way of life) is something that often has a profound effect on us; one that lasts long after the vacation has ended. Spring is a time of new life, renewed optimism and hope (something that many of us are seeking now more than ever), and so our top adventures on p60 are more than just high-adrenaline, thrill-seeking endeavors — although there is plenty of that — but are instead about the life-enriching experience.

As we have evolved our content to focus on responsible luxury, the travel operators that you know and trust have been doing so in tandem. The adventures you’ll find on the pages are respectful to the local communities, the environment and, in some cases, the world at large. So you can rest assured that your hard-earned vacation has all the important stuff covered, so you can focus on making memories.

Memories feature elsewhere in this issue with a big step back in time. Miriam Cain looks at some of the most beautiful historic yachts on p80 and the storied (and in some cases, debaucherous) tales behind each vessel. Staying at sea, Becca Hensley compiles a selection of the only suites you need to book for your next cruise, including an all-new offering from Disney. The nautical delights continue on p36 as Orla Pentelow looks to the ocean and its many dwellers as inspiration for this issue’s jewelry pages.

Naturally, with any great adventure you’ll want to have a tangible memento and something to show the grandkids, like priceless photographs of your trip. Leica has a decidedly cult following — the German camera brand has been creating iconic models for over a century. Roberta Naas takes a closer look behind the scenes at how one of the beloved cameras is made.

This issue closes with a whimsical dinner in the English woodland, where the only other guests are perhaps a curious rabbit or deer. Dine by candlelight, surrounded by nature, before enjoying your very own fireworks display.

Samantha Coles

Read Elite Traveler’s Spring 2022 issue here


Object of desire

With only two for sale globally, La Dame Jeanne is a blend of some of Hennessy’s most exquisite eaux-de-vie.


Alexandra Cheney looks at the power struggle within automobile manufacturing between electrified engines and turbocharged motors.


Wheel’s Up’s latest collaboration with Abercrombie & Kent is a nine-day adventure set to take you to some of America’s most famous national parks in style.


Orla Pentelow brings a selection of some charming under-the-sea inspired pieces for this issue’s Jewelry pages.

Women’s watches

Lust over some of the most gorgeous rainbow watches, from Piaget and Bulgari to Chopard.

Men’s watches

Roberta Naas puts the spotlight on some of the best stainless steel watches; their sporty design makes them highly sought after.

Destination style

From where to stay to what to do and what to wear while you traverse the city, in this issue we explore the best of Vancouver.


The big interview

The founder of Àni Private Resorts, Tim Reynolds, speaks to Jo Knowsley about how creativity has helped him overcome life-changing challenges, and how he uses it to empower local communities.

Day in the life of…

Florence Kuyper, expedition leader for Ponant, speaks to Elite Traveler’s Serina Tatham about her life in Antarctica on board Le Commandant Charcot.

The interview

Sophie Killip sits down with Bernhard Gademann, director and headmaster of Institut auf dem Rosenberg, to talk about the changing world, robots, and how to inspire future generations.


Roberta Naas discovers the extraordinary precision that goes into making a camera by Leica, the brand credited with revolutionizing the hand-held camera.


Top adventures

Float over ancient Cambodian temples in a hot air balloon at sunrise, push yourself to the limit with a grueling ultra endurance race in Scotland, or embark on an around-the-world hunt to track down a famous spy with this year’s collection of the top adventures.

Top yachts

Miriam Cain takes a look at the most exquisite historical yachts — each one has a fascinating story.


Top suites

Take to the seas in style and relax after a long day in some of the most extravagant cruise suites.

Destination guide to San Antonio

From expansive suites to cultural marvels and gastronomic delights, turn to Becca Hensley’s all-encompassing guide to San Antonio to discover this Texan gem.

Destination guide to Malta

Malta has some of the most spectacular and historical buildings, so put it at the top of your European destination list.

New hotels

Exciting new openings, from a charming 17th-century hotel on a Scottish loch to a serene oasis in the heart of New York City.


A beautiful abode in a coveted spot in the Caribbean and a 32-bedroom estate in Silicon Valley are a few of this issue’s property highlights.

Flight of fancy

Reconnect with nature at a woodland dining experience under the stars in the English countryside.

Read Elite Traveler’s Spring 2022 issue here

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