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Elite Traveler Summer 2022

We bring you our Leaders in Luxury issue, exploring the world of responsible luxury and the faces behind innovation.

By Samantha Coles |  June 6 2022

elite traveler summer 2022

Last summer marked the 20th anniversary of Elite Traveler.

To commemorate that special milestone, we compiled a selection of the best-of-the-best of the last two decades. Delving into topics that you, our readers, value most — from cars and watches to spas and hotels — we looked at the biggest breakthroughs of the last 20 years.

In response to that issue, I received a passionate email from a reader pointing out the various hypocrisies of including Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s behemoth company, within the issue. If the man had a dollar for every time he did something controversial, he’d be, well…

As we strive to champion the responsible luxury sphere, an area that is exciting and ever-evolving, we must look these hypocrisies right in the eye. While talking about the biggest tech companies in the last 20 years, Amazon was the elephant in the room. To include or not to include was the question that circled my brain for a few weeks.

It is a dilemma that the Elite Traveler editorial team often faces — is this responsible luxury, or is this a bit of greenwashing lingo? But we will always seek to bring you not just the highest level of luxury but also the most responsible.

While researching said anniversary issue, we quickly realized just how much more there was to cover. And so we came to the conclusion that one issue was not quite enough. Who are the leaders in luxury, and how have their actions impacted an industry for the better?

We present our Leaders in Luxury edition. The first of its kind, this issue explores the world of responsible luxury by speaking to the movers and shakers that are often responsible for big-scale changes and groundbreaking innovations. In this issue you will find interviews with CEOs (Nina Jensen of REV Ocean; Rob Scholl of Textron Aviation), designers (Espen Øino; Tim Heywood), founders (Jane Poynter of Space Perspective), presidents (Caroline Scheufele of Chopard), master distillers (Kirsteen Campbell of Macallan; Viridiana Tinoco of Clase Azul), and chefs (Eneko Atxa; Massimo Bottura).

You’ll also find our regular Explore section. New hotel openings in Africa, Dubai and England; our Hot List with two very different experiences in Switzerland and an itinerary inspired by a famous artist; and our selection of the finest real estate on the market. We close this summer’s issue with a seriously magical experience in Japan.

Samantha Coles

Read Elite Traveler’s Summer 2022 issue here

Leaders in Luxury


Despite the common narrative, sustainability is not new for private aviation. In this issue, Doug Gollan highlights private aviation’s big thinkers who are leaving no stone unturned in the push toward sustainability.

Charter jets

Private aviation is on the path to a greener future. To reveal all, Doug Gollan speaks to some of the people behind the largest companies such as VistaJet and NetJets.


With the shift towards electric, Alexandra Cheney explores how a handful of the biggest automobile brands are navigating environmental efficiency and successfully transitioning away from fuel.


Year on year, the size of yachts increases and, as a result, superyachts are difficult to make eco-friendly. Thankfully, the industry is indicating a desire to change and, in this issue, Miriam Cain discovers just how that can be done.


After a turbulent few years, cruise lines have had a shake-up; redoing itineraries and re-imagining their onboard activities. Becca Hensley sat down with four leaders who have helped steer their cruise companies across metaphorically rough seas.


This issue’s watch pages take a look at a Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureate who is working with local tribe leaders to map Chad’s resources, as well as showcasing some of the newest watches from brands who are answering the call for greater sustainability.


Roberta Naas talks to co-president of Chopard Caroline Scheufele about her thoughts on the future of jewelry, as well as Fiji pearl farmer Justin Hunter about why pearls are the gems of sustainability.


Shining the spotlight on world-renowned camera brand Leica and the London-based EMS studio E-Pulsive, Luke Abrahams uncovers what makes these brands so special. Also in this issue’s tech pages: the must-have apps with the power to improve our lives.


Two of the biggest names in wine — Alejandro Bulgheroni and Julie Cavil — chat to Victoria Daskal about their interesting careers after entering the wine world later in life, and how they have achieved success.


Alex Martin speaks to two master distillers from some of the best-loved brands on the market: The Macallan and Clase Azul.


We look at the pioneers who are behind member-only collections and brands that not only have some of the world’s most spectacular hotels in their databases, but also the most sustainable.


With spa-goers demanding more personalized services as well as avenues to mental wellbeing, leaders at Sensei Lanai and Lake Austin Spa Resort reveal how you can instill a sense of peace into your everyday life.


Two of the world’s best chefs also happen to be leading the way when it comes to sustainability: Eneko Atxa and Massimo Bottura. Emma Al-Mousawi speaks to them about their unwavering dedication to green gastronomy.


This issue’s destinations pages will give you some food for thought when it comes to planning your next vacation: whether it be an untouched island in the Caribbean or even up in space.


Destination guide to Qatar

Our take on the very best of Qatar spans from the center of ever-evolving Doha to lesser-known coastal enclaves on the outskirts.

New hotels

A grand hotel in the leafy Surrey countryside, an elegant new opening in Dubai, and an expedition camp deep in the heart of Southern Tanzania.

Hot list

From a famously challenging detox in Switzerland to traveling across Europe in the footsteps of an artistic genius, this issue’s hot list features some seriously unique experiences.


We take a look at some of the finest homes with breathtaking views, including a villa overlooking the Tuscan countryside and Amsterdam’s first climate-neutral canal house.

Flight of fancy

A one-in-a-lifetime experience, discover a magical side of Japan as you kayak by firefly light.

Read Elite Traveler’s Summer 2022 issue here

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