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In this guide, we celebrate the modern marvels designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

By Alex Martin |  November 4 2021

Best Luxury Tech Gifts
The MyZone Switch in action / ©MyZone

Modern technology has been a huge part of our lives for years, but this year has shown that it is vital in almost everything we do. From working remotely to enjoying virtual yoga classes, we were all able to stay connected during lockdown thanks to the wonders of the internet. In this gift guide, we select the best luxury tech gifts that celebrate the modern marvels designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Bang & Olufsen, Beosound Level

best luxury tech gifts

Beosound Level is the first speaker to become Cradle to Cradle certified / ©Bang & Olufsen

Already one of the best portable speakers on the market, Beosound Level went one better in 2021 when it became the first speaker to become Cradle to Cradle certified. The certificate demonstrates a commitment to increasing the lifecycle of a product through modular design that allows for easy repairs and upgrades. Every part of the speaker is made with longevity in mind. Batteries are replaceable, and fabrics and wood covers are changeable. All materials are ethically sourced and traceable. And all this eco-goodness does not compromise on the quality. You still get an immersive, full-range sound that adapts based on the speaker’s orientation.


MyZone, MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor

Best Luxury Tech Gifts

The MyZone Switch in action / ©MyZone

With the start of the new year, millions of health and fitness goals will be revitalized. Not all will make it past January, but you can give your loved one the best chance by gifting them the most innovative heart rate monitor on the market. The MZ-Switch is the first heart-rate monitor that can be worn on your chest, wrist or arm. It gives the user the chance to wear it no matter what their activity, allowing them to accurately track activity levels and calorie burn. It also gives you access to an interactive app, which offers a host of on-demand classes to suit your fitness goals. Best of all, the app automatically assigns MyZone Effort Points to each workout, which are cleverly linked with the World Health Organization’s recommendation for monthly activity levels. It successfully gamifies health and fitness, making those hard-earned gains even more rewarding.


Technogym, Dior Limited Edition Line

Technogym Dior products

The Dior x Technogym line-up / ©Technogym

Technogym is one of the world’s leading producers of high-end fitness gear. If you frequent hotel gyms, you’ve like tried them out. Now, Technogym is adding an air of exclusivity to its core range by teaming up with leading fashion house Dior. The Dior set includes a treadmill, a multifunction bench and a wellness ball. ‘Christian Dior’ is embellished on the equipment alongside five horizontal stripes, a signature of the house. Produced in Italy, the special creations will add a stylish edge to anyone’s home gym. Owners can gain access to over 200 workouts via the Technogym app, helping you to look good in more ways than one. The set will be exclusively at Dior boutiques from January.


Coravin, Champagne Stopper

Coravin Champagne Stopper

The Coravin Champagne Stopper will change the way you drink sparkling wine / ©Coravin

Coravin has changed the fine wine game forever. Its innovative products allow collectors to enjoy a glass of a rare bottle without worrying about the rest of the liquid degrading. Now, the Champagne Stopper is doing the same for sparkling wine. Although most of us won’t need any help finishing a bottle (or two) over the holiday period, after that it can be difficult to find an occasion where a whole bottle is required. An open bottle of champagne loses its fizz within one or two days, forcing you to drink faster than you would like. The Coravin Champagne Stopper solves the issue by giving you up to four weeks of bubbles. A visual CO2 indicator on the bottle stop tells you whether it needs re-fizzing. The included CO2 capsules recharge the bottle to its former glory, making every glass as fresh as the first.


LG, Signature OLED R

best luxury tech gifts

The LG Signature OLED R is the first rollable screen / ©LG

Now you see it, now you don’t. With an ultra-thin screen that rolls into a state-of-the-art sound system, the world’s first rollable TV seamlessly transitions from stylish speaker to premium screen. Straight out of sci-fi fantasy, the thinness and flexibility of the 65-inch screen are possible thanks to OLED’s self-lit pixels. A state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound system accompanies these exquisite visuals or immerses listeners in an excellent sonic experience. It also comes equipped with webOS 6.0, LG’s latest version of its smart TV platform. Through this upgrade, the brand’s virtual assistant ThinQ is more intelligent and compatible than ever before. This means that users can move between broadcast channels, streaming services, and applications with ease.


Leica, Q2 007

Leica 007 edition camera

The Leica 007 edition / ©Leica

Many a childhood dream was revitalized by the emergence of No Time to Die, the first James Bond film in over six years. While we wouldn’t recommend gifting most of 007’s gadgets, not much can go wrong with the limited edition Leica Q2. The model appeared in Q’s home and Bond’s Jamaican home in the film and now you can gift your wannabe-spy a piece of the action. Featuring the iconic 007 logo and a captivating gun barrel lens cover, the individually numbered version of Leica’s classic model is sure to be a collectible in years to come. The camera is presented in a handcrafted case designed by the British luxury suitcase brand Globe-Trotter. The Ocean Green leather colorway is the same as the cases featured in No Time to Die.


DeLonghi, PrimaDonna Elite Experience Automatic Coffee Machine

DeLonghi coffee machine

The DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite Experience Automatic Coffee Machine / ©DeLonghi

The longer the name, the better the coffee. If that’s the case with this premium DeLonghi coffee maker then you are in for a treat. This is DeLonghi’s first machine to be connected to an app, allowing you to select drinks and create new ones from your smartphone. It also has a large touch screen with a wide selection of one-touch recipes. Best of all, the machine has an in-built clean function to ensure all parts that come into contact with milk are automatically washed.


Escalade Sports, Prodigy Electric Dartboard

An automatic board that delivers genuine gameplay / ©Escalade Sports

A revolutionary product in the world of pub sports, this new dartboard delivers truly authentic gameplay and automatic smart-scoring at the same time. Avid darts players have long had to make a choice between automatic scoring and a realistic board, but no longer. A combination of cameras, infrared lighted and location algorithms make this one of the most accurate smartboards ever created. It also boasts 360-degree illumination that eliminates all shadows from the dartboard. A dedicated app turns your smartphone into an all-encompassing scoring system, allowing you to play games that include the whole family.


Louis Vuitton, Wireless Horizon Light Up Speaker

Louis Vuitton Speaker

The New Horizon Speaker is the latest high-end audio product from the fashion house / ©Louis Vuitton

Trust Louis Vuitton to take some perfectly ordinary and turn it into a statement piece. The Horizon Light Up Speaker is the latest in a growing line of luxury audio goods from the French fashion house and like the others, it has been done properly. The inspiration behind its triangular form comes from the brand’s Toupie ‘spinning top’ handbag. The shape also offers practical benefits. When placed in its dock, the sound is played at 360 degrees, but by placing the speaker on its side, the sound can be channeled in one specific direction. When not in use, Louis Vuitton intends the speaker to be viewed as an objet d’art, showcasing the craftsmanship that is central to the maison.


Rise Gardens, Double Family Garden

Best luxury tech gifts

The Rise Gardens Family Double Family Garden / ©Rise Gardens

Many people began cultivating their own produce on the back of 2020’s lockdown. Winter may bring new meaning to those who now lovingly craft their allotments over the summer, but the growing season doesn’t have to stop there. Rise Gardens offers a year-round opportunity to grow produce with its advanced indoor garden systems. This two-level family garden automatically waters and oxygenates the plants while LED lights mimic the sun. A companion mobile app alerts you when the soil needs nutrients or the water system is running low, making cultivation easier than ever. This Double Family Garden has enough room for 24 plants and extra layers can easily be added as your demand for garden-to-fork grows.



Technology Gift Guide

Heading to a beach destination or on a yacht charter this winter? A SEABOB is a must for those wishing to make the most of the ocean. These amazing machines allow users to glide through the water and dive to depths of 130ft. The F5 SR is the top model, offering 745 Newtons of thurst and the highest top speed of 14mph. The maximum dive depth can be set with pin protection to make it safe for all users and two HD cameras make sure you capture every second of fun.


Lift, eFoil

Technology Gift Guide

Another fantastic toy for yacht charters or beach vacations, the Lift eFoil is the first electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard that allows riders to fly over the water. Boasting the label of the world’s smallest personal watercraft, this adrenaline-inducing contraption allows users to experience the thrill of surfing even when there are no waves. Users enjoy up to an hour of emissions-free surfing on a single charge and a maximum speed of 25mph.


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