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December 21, 2012

The 32 Jewelers to Watch in 2013

By Chris Boyle

1884 Collection Jewelry

Rosa Collection

In 1884, a Roman family started creating jewelry that encompassed the ideals of faultless craftsmanship, inimitable style and smoldering passion.

More than a century later, those ideals hold steady as 1884 Collection, named for that momentous year, has gained fame and a following. Designer Alberto Petochi, a scion of the jewelers, fell in love with jewelry as a child, spending countless hours in his family’s workshops. He is now following his childhood dreams and fulfilling his passion for jewelry, design, style, philanthropy and Italian history.

For Alberto, an afternoon spent in the shadows of the Trevi Fountain formed “the wish” that inspired and solidified the collection. Based on ancient Roman coins—a signature motif of the brand— that have been passed down from generation to generation, the 1884 Collection tangibly captures the palpable history of the antique currency.

The names of the collections are an integral part of the inspiration and were chosen to distinguish and reflect the redeeming characteristic of each piece.

For example, the Rosa Collection, named for the Garden of Roses in Rome, features colorful sapphire, diamond and emerald beads. Each piece, anchored in thoughtful design by an ancient Roman coin, reminds the wearer of the opulent ancient Roman galas which would end with rose petals being showered from the canopy onto the festivities below.

Launched in 2012, the 1884 Collection continues to expand, adding exciting new styles. For collectors, owning an 1884 Collection jewel adds a touch of breathtaking beauty to your wildest wishes.


Bringing ancient Rome to life, this black diamond strand with 18K gold bezel features a large coin boasting Alexander the Great’s likeness ($15,220).


Revel in the glory of Rome with these 18K rose gold earrings studded with one-of-a-kind original coins, stamped with the profiles of an emperor and empress. The coins descend from azure blue agates, almost as if Neptune, the god of the sea, was blessing the rulers ($2,980).

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This 44-inch strand, festooned with pearls, seven small Ottaviano coins and sterling silver bezels, conjoins Audrey Hepburn-esque elegance with Cleopatra-like allure ($2,250).


Named for the strategically placed Via Appia in ancient Rome, this compilation draws upon the history of the travelers that passed through its well-worn cobblestone paths. Studded with engravings of Roman emperors, these necklaces bring the power of the empire’s most powerful rulers to dazzling light (small Ottaviano coin with 18K gold bezel on 18-inch sterling silver chain: $440; medium Antoninus Pius coin with 18K gold bezel on 18-inch sterling silver chain: $660; large Alexander the Great coin with 18K gold bezel on a 36-inch sterling silver chain: $1,820).


These multicolored sterling silver and leather bracelets are studded with small Ottaviano coins, making each the perfect accessory for modern dressing with a touch of vintage appeal ($240 each).

Creative Director Loren Hull

(917) 913-2601

Aaron Basha Jewelry

aaron basha gilded charms

Aaron Basha, known for its playful charms, has set the standard for the fancy and fanciful.

The brand’s fun, lighthearted jewels have adorned the wrists of celebrities and sophisticates alike. Handcrafted from 18K gold, diamonds and enamel, each jewel is created with detailed precision. Aaron Basha’s charms have reached iconic status and the jeweler remains at the forefront of modern yet equally classic jewelry design.

This group of gilded charms brings together an assortment of diamond-laced and enameled creations and characters crafted in 18K gold (prices available upon request).

These 18K gold, diamond and enamel evil eye charms will keep you safe and stylish (prices available upon request).

Creepy crawly and cuddly, these 18K gold, diamond and enamel charms will in part scare and soothe the child in all of us (prices available upon request).

Superheroes and sports stars will delight in these action-oriented charms, crafted in 18K gold, diamonds and enamel (prices available upon request).



In 1750, Contardo Buccellati set up a shop in Via degli Orafi in Milan and over the years jewelry making and silversmithing have remained the core business of the family.

Generation after generation, starting with Mario in 1919 and continuing on to his son Gianmaria, the company has spread its love for tradition and its passion for excellence in jewelry making across the world. The collections of jewels, silver items and watches employ various techniques belonging to the Italian Renaissance period, which combine to provide the exquisite finish that sets the Buccellati group apart from other jewelry companies.

Unlike other firms that rely on hired designers and the work of contract craftsmen, the House of Buccellati preserves the tradition of the Italian “bottega,” or studio, where Gianmaria and his son Andrea conceive and create their own designs. The prizes received and the exhibitions highlighted by Buccellati over the years prove that the brand’s love of thorough work and meticulous jewelry has made them the pride of Italy.


An extraordinary example of the goldsmith’s art, this necklace was designed to replicate the world’s most decorative laces. Yellow gold worked with a honeycomb technique and white gold bezels accommodate the piece’s mind-boggling array of 646 brilliant-cut diamonds. Despite the sheer volume of the piece’s diamonds, it remains flexible thanks to Buccellati’s carefully employed enchainment technique (price available upon request).


Of all gems, emeralds are the most precious and the Imperial Necklace, with its 21 emerald garland, pays homage to the stone’s opulent glow. Featuring over 22 carats of brilliantcut diamonds, the decoration accompanying these faceted emeralds resembles imperial laurel crowns, calling to mind notions of victory and majesty. Furthering this impression, the necklace has been entirely handcrafted in white gold— with the “rigato” engraved bezels in yellow gold—and small “sfumato” engraved lilies (price available upon request).


Crafted with centuries-old gold working methods, Buccellati’s Eternelle Rings are timelessly styled in white or yellow gold, engraved or hand-set with a central stone, the hub around which the design develops. But no matter how the designs are expanded upon, the Eternelle Rings are still distinctly Buccellati in their nature (all prices available upon request).


Though a pair of pendant earrings will never compete with the beauty of a woman’s face, they will surely be able to underline all the beautiful characteristics enumerated upon by countless poets, sculptors and painters. Featuring 254 round brilliant-cut diamonds and two drop-shaped pearls, totaling a shocking 91.34 carats, this set proves to be no exception (price available upon request).


This “Watch-Jewel” captures both Gianmaria and Andrea Buccellati’s two biggest influences, art and history, in one stunning piece. A contemporary version of the ancient “slave’s style” bracelet, the 18K cuff watch—available in both yellow or white gold and “ornato” engraved in the Buccellati tradition—represents the endless and unbreakable bond of love between man and woman (price available upon request).

Simona Meschi

Milan head office




Synonymous with elegance, Casato’s sophisticated craftsmanship, dedication to detail and imaginative aesthetic merge to create immaculate jewelry.

The Roman maison launched in 2004 and has since then dedicated itself to creating luxury baubles that present the excitement of an international brand but keeps the personalized touch of a bespoke jewelry house.

Founder and Artistic Director Federico Gauttieri, a descendant of an ancient noble family, was raised with an appreciation for the poetic, finding beauteous inspiration in art, architecture and travel. An iterant explorer, Federico takes artistic cues from his voyages, incorporating the spirit of exotic landscapes, Oriental perfumes and enchanting colors into his designs.

Playing with a glittering group of amethysts, sapphires, blue topazes, peridots, garnets, turquoise, coral and quartz, Federico chooses each precious stone for its story and harmony and combines it with flawless diamonds to create a unique narrative for each collection. Using a personal faceting technique, Federico’s end product is a tale of visual erudition that responds to the refined tastes of the modern woman.


The arabesque designs of the Daphne collection are emblamatic of a soft, sinuous and decidedly Eastern edge. This 18K rose gold double ring brings the lands of Arabia to life with gold chain links and white, brown and champagne-hued diamonds. The set also features a series of earrings, cuffs and necklaces that, via precious metals and stones like blue sapphires, captures the supple glamour of the Orient ($5,424).


Tai Mee highlights the essence of femininity. This collection of 18K rose gold rings with blue sapphires, bracelets embellished with rubies and a tasteful necklace with a drop-shaped diamond and a dragonfly—the hallmark of Casato—envelops a woman in a cloud of bejeweled enchantment ($22,246).


The Damasco collection is characterized by a floral leitmotif that recalls far-flung lands. This pair of earrings represents an Oriental flower blooming in 18K rose gold and speckled with the dew of white and champagne colored diamonds, bringing a fresh and feminine aesthetic that yields a subtle seduction ($10,108).


The Chic Blue Sapphires collection is group of effortless pieces that evoke an ethereal elegance encompassing an azure lightness. This 18K rose gold necklace with blue sapphires and diamonds also has matching earrings and rings with blue sapphires ($11,089).


Summertime sweetness permeates the Chic Pink Sapphires collection, like in these 18K rose gold earrings that softly glint with rose-shaded sparkle. A matching necklace is also available ($12,384).

Chiara Tonin, Sales and ADV Account


Boutique Roma, Via Emilia, 36, Roma, Italy


Diana Collection

Chimento is widely known as one of the finest and most successful Italian jewelry companies.

Founded in 1964 by Adriano Chimento in a small workshop in the province of Vicenza, the brand has become an important name in the fine jewelry landscape, world renowned and successfully managed by the second generation team of Mario and Federica Chimento.

Chimento creations are a unique mix of experience, know-how, creativity and innovation, remaining up-to-date with the jewelry world’s ever-evolving trends while retaining the fine craftsmanship, quality materials and versatility that have characterized the brand’s lines since the beginning. Chimento jewels are crafted with 18K gold and diamonds for high-end collections, while semiprecious stones are used when the modern jewelry trends dictate the use of such materials.

Chimento is designed for discerning women who recognize and pursue unique jewelry of superior quality.


The sumptuous 18K golden curves of Diana Collection’s earrings, necklace, ring and cuff weave in and out of themselves with almost choreographed grace, crafting an entourage of fine jewelry pieces that sit atop the pinnacle of Italian elegance (earrings: $5,410; ring: $8,410; necklace: $6,130; cuff: $36,680).


This 18K white gold earrings and ring set finds its every centimeter laced in a glimmering diamond sheen. With a subtle and tasteful chain link construction, the Febo Collection utilizes classic materials to craft modern lines, creating a truly unique jewelry experience in the process (earrings: $7,830; ring: $7,910).


Meaning “desire” in Italian, the Desiderio Collection, comprised of a pendant, earrings and ring crafted in 18K white and rose gold with diamonds, is amply equipped to satisfy jewelry aficionados every, well, desiderio (earrings: $4,540; ring: $5,060; necklace: $4,650).


Forget a manicure, Chimento’s Infinity Collection rings are some the most luxurious spoils you can bestow upon your fingers. Comprising three pieces, crafted in 18K yellow gold with black and white diamonds, 18K rose gold with amethyst and white diamonds and 18K rose gold with sapphire and white diamonds, these rings adapt to every skin-tone and every occasion (clockwise from top: $31,590; $15,980; $18,790).


Utilizing gray and white shades of always mesmerizing mother of pearl, these diamond dotted, 18K rose gold rings swirl with a decadent mystery that is sure to have everyone asking “Where did you get those?” ($5,590 each.)

Customer Service

(305) 372-8025


Lace Cuff Bracelet

For over 30 years, Cora International has been a world leader in the cutting of important diamonds.

Their headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York City house their diamond cutting factory. Cora stands out as the only company of its kind that cuts and polishes a vast assortment of large fancy-colored and white diamonds. Cora’s vertical integration allows them to control every aspect of designing and creating their finished pieces, from mining and polishing the diamonds, to the final execution of their exquisite jewelry. Cora’s collection of stones includes an array of vivid fancy colors such as yellows, pinks and blues. The company has cut and sold some of the most important diamonds in the world. An example is the extraordinary 110 carat, fancy vivid yellow pear-shaped Sun-Drop diamond exhibited at the London Museum of Natural History and valued at $12 million.

Cora is one of the most trusted and revered names in the diamond business, known worldwide for rare and unique diamonds in large sizes and vivid fancy colors. According to CEO Suzette Gomes, “Cora has the luxury of choosing a special diamond and building a jewelry design around that stone. Each piece contains the finest stones and has a bold style that is classic with a twist.” Cora’s master diamond cutters work with rough diamonds, bringing out each individual stone’s unique and radiant inner beauty. Their expertise in matching stones allows Cora to create magnificent jewelry coveted by women of elegance and style, who are looking for a special design and the sense of discovery.

Cora’s jewels are for the true diamond connoisseur. In October 2012, Cora opened an appointment-only Fine Jewel Salon within their world headquarters on Fifth Avenue. In this private setting, the client will see some of the rarest, most beautiful diamonds in the world and breathtaking, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Cora prides itself on providing an unparalleled customer experience. The salon is designed to cater to each client’s needs, ensuring that they receive the personal attention they deserve. Please call the Fine Jewel Salon for an appointment: (877) 922-6274.


This fancy color and white diamond cuff bracelet has an intricate weave of fancy mixed shape and colorless diamonds throughout its dramatic design. Set in 18K white gold, the cuff is comprised of 16 carats of fancy colored and white diamonds, surrounded by 24 carats of white diamonds (BRAC009: price available upon request).


This classically designed ring(above), set in pink gold and platinum, features a round, 11 carat brilliant cut white diamond, which is elegantly accented with .87 carats of light pink diamonds (R0062:price available upon request).

These dazzling, diamond drop earrings (right) feature two round brilliant cut white diamonds totaling seven carats and suspended from .32 carats of white diamonds. Set in platinum, they will sparkle brilliantly on any woman’s ear(EAR0045: price available upon request)


This show stopping emerald cut white diamond ring is truly a sight to behold. Set in platinum, this ring boasts a horizontal 11 carat emerald cut diamond. The modern “East toWest” design is perfect for every woman (R0065: price available upon request).


This striking 33 carat radiant cut fancy yellow diamond is set in ebony wood. A matching pair of earrings sparkles with eight carats of radiant cut, fancy yellow diamonds that complete this elegant look (R0074 and EAR0062: both prices available upon request).


This luxurious necklace is comprised of a series of fancy yellow and white heart-shaped diamonds. Totaling 56 carats, this piece has an awe-inspiring look (N1003840: price available upon request). Sure to steal the spotlight, this Bombay ring boasts an eight carat heart-shaped white diamond encased in three carats of white diamonds and 16 grams of 18K white gold. This breathtaking ring is also available in 18K green gold with a fancy diamond reflecting shades of deep brownish greenish yellow, and also a fancy deep brown-yellow diamond set in 18K pink gold (R0058: price available upon request).

Senior Sales Executive Sam Bahlawan

(877) 922-6274


David Morris

Since the first diamond that was polished atop a humble jeweler’s bench 50 years ago, David Morris, with locations in Moscow, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, has captivated the glittering field of jewelry design.

Standing out amongst the blinding sheen of rose gold and white diamonds, David Morris has set itself apart because, as David’s son and current designer Jeremy Morris puts it, they’re simply “better.”

Though a statement like that is surely a subject of debate in the bespoke jewelry market, Morris’s pieces ultimately speak for themselves. Beginning in 1963 with a De Beers International Award-winning marquise brooch and continuing today with the collections found in the following pages, David Morris has a longstanding tradition of crafting jewelry that silences critics and sends admirers stumbling for the nearest seat.

Long a London mainstay, and now an influencer in the world’s jewelry markets, David Morris is designed for and appreciated by out-of-the-box thinkers who have no interest in the status quo. Thriving in a state of constant invention—a neverending cycle of imagination and execution—David Morris is as unique as those who choose wear it.


These 18K white gold three-row chandelier earrings glow like exactly that, only with round and pear-shaped white diamonds, micro-set white diamonds and nearly 53 carats of natural emerald cabouchon drops instead of light bulbs (price available upon request).


This 18K white gold watch is no downward spiral, not with a brilliant-cut and micro-set diamond bracelet, hand-etched mother-of-pearl dial and a diamond-set bezel bringing the total diamond count to a staggering 38.65 carats (price available upon request).


Brimming with 102.11 carats of attention-demanding sparkle, this important pear-shaped white diamond necklace is mounted with round and oval diamonds, including a stunning pear-shaped highlight weighing in at 10.02 carats (price available upon request).


No one ever said you cannot wear white diamonds after Labor Day. Just in time for the holidays, these 18K white gold rose-cut diamond chandelier earrings, boasting 39.39 carats of oval, pear-shaped and micro-set white diamonds, are sure to be your perfect party accessory (price available upon request).


Featuring 12.73 carats of natural fancy pink diamond center stones and a micro-surround setting, this 18K rose gold white diamond and marquise-cut diamond “palm leaf” ring blooms in every season (price available upon request).

PR Director Nicole Kovach




As a second generation family business, Dayekh has seen it all.

The adventure began in West Africa where the founder, Hassan Dayekh, began his career mining riverbeds until deciding to open his rough diamond import office in Antwerp in 1975. A few years later he became world-famous for having polished one of the world’s greatest diamond, The Challenger. Weighing in at a massive 295 carats, it gave birth to four diamonds of exceptional quality, with the HRD diamond lab going on to call it the largest diamond they had graded up till May of 1983.

Unsurprisingly, when Dayekh’s desire to begin creating jewelry arose they entered the market with equal aplomb, establishing an office/showroom in Beirut before opening their first retail space in Antwerp. From humble 540-square-foot beginnings, Dayekh’s diamond district-based space quadrupled its size in a decade, blooming into one of Antwerp’s premier jewelry boutiques.

From the start, however, Dayekh had little interest in crafting pieces that weren’t truly singular or utterly unique. Starting with a stone-first (as opposed to design-first) philosophy, Dayekh finds a unique stone and then proceeds to build around it. This makes each piece, and thus each owner, absolutely oneof- a-kind. With an aversion to mass-production and a commitment to handcrafted excellence, Dayekh has proven to the jewelry world that their passion for creating bespoke beauty is equaled only by their customer’s capacity for appreciating it.


A glistening ring worthy of any finger, this piece cradles a center round 25.25-carat topaz in its pavé setting and is perfectly accented by sparkling 3.63-carat white diamonds (about $12,192).


Sure to be one of the winter’s most unique and striking stones, this 11.35-carat pear-shaped tanzanite will jump out of any collection with its speckling of gorgeous white diamonds. Partridge not included (about $12,514).


The 32.87-carat kunzite comes bursting with deep pink color and is yet another bold holiday season stone from Dayekh. Laid beneath a 1.01-carat pink diamond, this gem is sure to look stunning alongside a glass of bubbling New Year’s Eve champagne (about $42,354).


The Aquamarine Bangle is proof that creative minds can make even the largest stones feel elegant. Its white leather base is covered by asymmetric white gold lines and pavé-set diamonds, all of which combine to support an aquamarine behemoth weighing in at 208 carats (about $96,258).


A far cry from the holiday fruit basket, this 17-carat pear-shaped pink kunzite with 4.08 carat white round diamonds is sure to make the perfect gift this holiday season (about $11,230).


Whether warming yourself in a Zurich chalet or an Aspen lodge this winter, the 13.34-carat oval rubelite’s opulent ruby glow, set with one carat round white diamonds, will come to life by the fireside (about $17,968).


Dayekh’s Toi et Moi is a carefully choreographed dance that highlights the steps of a 19.89 carat pear-shaped kunzite and similarly shaped 11.36 carat amethyst as they traipse upon a 4.5 carat white gold round of white diamonds (about $20,214).


A royal and rejuvenating spring stone, this 20-carat green emerald is set with 2.6 carat round white flawless diamonds and 2.2 carat baguette white flawless diamonds is designed to bring out the bold, assertive Taurus in all of us (about $57,755).


From the mind and hands of one of the three most important polishers of the 20th century, the “D” brilliant cut’s diamond faceting pattern and historic perfect score on light performance tests has helped to make the piece’s 105 facets—inspired by the lotus flower—glow even brighter than the flower of enlightenment itself (about $32,086).

CEO Alexander Dayekh


Eclat Jewelry

Eclat Jewels Emerald Chandeliers

Eclat Jewels, a leading purveyor of fine jewels to the most exclusive retailers in the world, is a name synonymous with quality, sophistication, style and elegance.

Each piece tells a narrative of whimsy and adventure in dazzling combinations of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and spinels, to name a few favorites.

What sets Eclat Jewels apart from other brands is that the collection is composed of only one-ofa- kind pieces handmade by master artisans. Their approach to design is an “inside out” philosophy. First, the creative director finds unique stones that inspire him. Then he and a team of designers create an original piece of jewelry based on the unique personality and life of the stone. In essence the stones dictate the design and are the premise for the entire Eclat Jewels collection. The result is a compilation of singular and exclusive pieces that are bold, colorful and timeless—yet very much of the moment.

Creating traditional jewelry for the modern woman, Eclat Jewels caters to the true luxury consumer; she does not want the brand names or ubiquitous signature pieces. She wants what no one else has—something truly rare and exceptional, just like her.


These stunning one-of-a-kind emerald chandeliers feature 100 carats of emerald perfection. These statement earrings were a labor of love that took over a year to create; several months were invested in finding the emeralds and re-cutting them to match perfectly. The three-inch long earrings are dripping with 50 carats of AGL-certified emeralds on each ear. The earrings also feature 14 Asscher-cut diamonds weighing approximately seven carats and 208 brilliant cut diamonds set along the geometric lattice to complete the look (price available upon request).


The spinel, which is similar to the ruby in its properties and provenance, is highly coveted by collectors because it is rarer than rubies and untreated. Studded with 41 multicolored spinels weighing over 110 carats, this platinum and 18K rose gold necklace will be a good luck charm for its owner—spinels are said to protect the wearer from physical harm and financial disaster. This astonishing piece, a consummate example of the classic devant le corsage style, is additionally festooned with 39 marquise diamonds weighing over 12 carats (price available upon request).


This one-of-a-kind emerald and diamond bracelet, exceptional in its elegance, features nine strands of gorgeous gem quality emerald beads totaling nearly 350 carats. Diamond rondelle accents and a magnificent custom-made diamond clasp lend this extraordinary piece an Old World charm (price available upon request).


A whimsical nod to nature, the Fleurisse Collection wields a bevy of gorgeous colored stones that showcase the blooming beauty of this precious compilation. Beginning with the yellow diamond cocktail ring in platinum, five pear-shaped fancy intense yellow diamonds—all GIA-certified and weighing just over seven carats—dazzle the eye as bright yellow petals that are highlighted with a sprinkling of 139 micro pavé diamonds. Its fieryhued sibling ring, also set in platinum, features five pear-shaped mandarin garnets weighing 17 carats. An old mine-cut diamond sparkles in the center of the flower while the petals and shank are embellished with 110 single-cut diamonds. These one-of-a-kind 18K white gold and platinum earrings feature ten pear-shaped diamond buds that recall the majesty of a fresh blossom. The colorless diamonds, all DEF-color and GIAcertified, weigh just shy of 11 carats. The flower’s stigma diamonds at the center of each earring are old mine-cut diamonds that are surrounded by 107 single-cut diamonds (Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring, Diamond Shamrock Flower Earrings and Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring: all prices available upon request).


Delicious enough to eat, this one-of-a-kind necklace features a dazzling medley of 20 semiprecious gemstones and over 20 carats of diamonds set in 18K rose gold. This true collector’s masterpiece drips with radiant gemstones like paraiba tourmaline, tanzanite, mandarin garnet and red spinel (price available upon request).

President/Owner Adeleh Petochi

(212) 581-2446

Jeffrey Daniels Jewelry

Yellow Diamond Ring

As a division of renowned New York jewelry firm Gem Platinum, the Jeffrey Daniels collection embodies the same philosophy of unmatched quality and breathtaking beauty.

Jeffrey Daniels’s one-of-a-kind pieces reveal the designer’s steadfast attention to detail and eye for elegance. Worn by Hollywood’s elite on the red carpets of the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, among others, the Jeffrey Daniels collection has been part of some of the most coveted fashion ensembles. Yet, the ethereal beauty of these magnificent jewels makes these designs everlasting.

Timeless appeal and unparalleled quality are the cornerstones of this celebrated line. The stunning gemstones provide endless inspiration for designer Jeffrey Daniels, as exhibited in the unique finished products. Incredible pink and yellow diamonds are surrounded by delicate pavé-encrusted platinum and gold. Tremendous diamond center stones are flanked by equally beautiful accents on an exquisite ring. Delicate heart-shaped diamonds hang from an undulating strand of white gold while floral and Art Deco motifs, along with other classic shapes and combinations, combine to create a collection that will never go out of style.

It is with the intention of passing these jewels on to future generations that the designer creates exquisite settings using the most precious of materials. These are designs that beg to be noticed, as they compliment the natural beauty of the wearer and serve as statement pieces for virtually any attire. These striking pieces of jewelry are designed to be worn day and night, which should come as no surprise because she’ll never want to take them off.


Handcrafted in platinum and 18K gold, this bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind. It contains 11 natural color diamonds weighing 4.32 carats and covering the colors of the rainbow; blue, pink, orange, yellow and green, all surrounded by fine white pavé diamonds ($100,000).

THE SUITE (opposite page)

When you need to shine like no other, this suite of handcrafted platinum earrings, ring and bracelet will leave the crowd breathless. All set with perfectly matched Asscher-cut diamonds, the bracelets contain nearly 20 carats, while the earrings and ring weigh in at ten and six carats respectively (ring: $70,000; earrings: $130,000; bracelet: $150,000).


An exquisite compliment for that fantastic evening out, this piece is the breathtaking result of 48 pear-shaped colorless diamonds set in platinum, all designed to highlight the piece’s 2.51-carat pear-shaped drop ($310,000).


Sleek and tailored for the day or the night, here is an elegant necklace in 18K yellow and white gold. A striking accent for any occasion, the piece features 11 natural color diamonds in yellow and yellow orange that sit alongside 12 colorless diamonds in handset bezels ($80,000).


Handcrafted in platinum and highlighting a 7.02 natural fancy yellow diamond bezel set in 18K yellow gold, this one-of-a-kind ring will make anyone stand out in the crowd. Detailed pavé-set diamonds all around and underneath provide a finishing touch that makes the design all the more unique ($280,000).


An extremely rare pair of magnificent natural yellow diamonds weighing in at more than six carats and set in 18K yellow gold. The flexibility of the drop from the colorless diamond shields and platinum-set bezel make the pair sparkle like no other ($172,000).

Director Jeffrey Post

(800) 356-3192

Gumuchian Jewelry


“Designed by women, for women,” is the tagline of New York-based jewelry label Gumuchian and one that precisely captures the brand’s distinctly feminine appeal.

The Gumuchian women—Anita, Myriam and Patricia—pride themselves on their hands-on approach to all aspects of the business. Together this talented European trio has created a brand with an excellent reputation for innovation, originality, quality and customer service. The Gumuchian collection is infused with fresh ideas that capture the fashion trends of today while still maintaining the elegance and appeal of classic designs. The mother-daughter team inspects each piece that is handmade in their New York facility with unparalleled care and craftsmanship using the latest technology while still maintaining traditional methods.

Gumuchian’s commitment to excellence does not go unnoticed. The company has been the recipient of many jewelry design prizes including several Couture Design Awards, Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence in Design and the Centurion 2012 Platinum design award for their three-way diamond Gallop Necklace.

Their beautiful collections range from bridal to classic, fashion and one-of-a kind jewelry that can be seen at and“Designed by women, for women,” is the tagline of New York-based jewelry label Gumuchian and one that precisely captures the brand’s distinctly feminine appeal.


Keep your head in the clouds with these dreamy constellations of pure diamonds. The scintillating zest of this collection will enchant your imagination and buoy your spirits, sending you on a whirlwind of delight. Whether they strike you as colorful hot air balloons, glowing disco globes, bouncy balls or sparking chandeliers, these pieces will surely raise you to the top (Cloud 9 18K rose gold earrings with diamonds and pink sapphires: $23,000; 18K white gold Bubble Ring with diamonds: $15,000).


The Gallop collection takes the classic allure of equestrian chic and modernizes it with the female touch so prized by Gumuchian. The iconic bridle, dipped in gold and sprinkled in diamonds, melts into sinuous curves and majestic designs with an effortless grace. The Gallop collection’s stunning designs outshine all by leaps and bounds. The 18K white, yellow and rose gold bangles are a playful take on acrobatic arrangements, bringing sensuality to life in precious metals. Gallop’s set of 18K gold earrings, contoured into the supple shape on the bridle, are dotted with yellow and white diamonds, transforming the everyday bridle into elegant bijoux (18K white, yellow and rose gold bangles: from $10,000; 18K rose gold earrings with diamonds: $30,000; 18K white gold earrings with fancy intense yellow and white diamonds: $90,000).


Playful and crafty, these time-turning medallions will take you back to the days of your childhood. Made from interlocking chains and circles, they are a unique and lasting testament to the interplay of memories that make our world go round. The 37-inch Carousel Necklace can be worn seven different ways (18K white gold necklace with diamonds: $90,000; 18K white gold earrings with diamonds: $40,000; 18K white gold ring with diamonds: $15,000).


The Peacock collection depicts the lightness of feathers with layers of airy and delicate curves. Each piece is made in 18K gold with handcrafted diamond pavé. The pieces are cleverly interconnected to mimic the graceful movements of the peacock’s plumage (platinum and diamond earrings available with or without Colombian emerald center: price available upon request; platinum and diamond necklace available in various central stone colors, including this fancy intense yellow diamond: price available upon request).

Myriam Gumuchian

(212) 593-9888

Hellmuth Jewelry

Hellmuth Classic Glamour

Evoking a raw sensuality, Hellmuth’s fine jewelry designs strike a perfect balance between art and science.

Though the company is known for its German precision and innovative craftsmanship, Hellmuth turns to nature for inspiration, accenting their famous 18K “Croco” jewelry with crocodile skin patterns as well as diamonds and colored stones pulled straight from the depths of the earth.

Founded in 1983 by Gert Hellmuth, Hellmuth’s origins begin with Gert’s great-grandfather, Karl Friedrich Hellmuth, who produced crocodile handbags and accessories as early as 1870, and his father, who continued the tradition with crocodile watch straps. For more than 25 years, Hellmuth has focused on craftsmanship and attention to detail, garnering a following of stylists, editors and A-list celebrities that include Amy Adams, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna.

Once a humble Pforzheim jeweler, today Hellmuth has become a truly global brand, bringing celebrated German luxury to an exclusive selection of high-end boutiques worldwide.


Nothing says love like gold and diamonds, and when combined in a collection of heart-shaped jewelry, well, let’s just say you won’t be needing a Hallmark card. All three pieces—comprising a pair of earrings, a ring and a necklace—are wrapped in 18K gold and come bursting with ten carats of full-cut diamonds (ring: $10,923; earrings: $21,016; necklace: $24,878).


Featuring a ring set with 121 full-cut diamonds, a cuff with 120 and a smaller version with 105, this 18K gold-ensconced collection is sure to give your wrists and digits an equally stunning royal treatment (ring: $10,516; cuff on right: $15,294; cuff on left: $19,810).


Dressed in Hellmuth’s signature croc-skin pattern and 18K gold, both the cuff and its accompanying ring—packed with 2.2 carats worth of full-cut diamonds—represent jewelry design at its boldest and baddest. Oh, and we hope you’ve been working out because this cuff is loaded with 1,174 diamonds, totaling seven carats of forearm-toning opulence (ring: $14,510; cuff: $70,798).


Spotted with nearly eight carats of black diamonds, this 18K gold bracelet-and-ring set captures an elegant jungle aesthetic capable of wowing even the most staunch jewelry traditionalist (ring: $11,578; bracelet: $24,844).


With subtle inner-bangle carvings and massive full-cut diamonds gleaming like headlights from the face of the ring, this collection is Hellmuth design at both its most contemporary and most sophisticated. The little brother bangle is nothing to scoff at, featuring 3.05 carats of fullcut diamonds, but it is the larger piece that demands all the attention, brimming with 230 full-cut diamonds weighing in at over a carat more than its companion (ring: $10,520; smaller bangle: $19,384; larger bangle: $26,624EBONY & IVORY Spotted with nearly eight carats of black diamonds, this 18K gold bracelet-and-ring set captures an elegant jungle aesthetic capable of wowing even the most staunch jewelry traditionalist (ring: $11,578; bracelet: $24,844).

USA Director of Sales Michael Pucci

(818) 847-7405

Jacob and Co the Jewelery

multi color briolette earrings

Jacob & Co., the luxury watch and diamond jewelry house, was founded over 25 years ago in New York City by Jacob Arabo.

After years of designing for private clients, Jacob & Co. established a globallyrenowned reputation with leaders in entertainment and sports, allowing the company to launch its flagship store in New York City in 2004. Jacob & Co. has solidified its position as one of the world’s leading luxury watch and jewelry houses with the introduction of the revolutionary Five Time Zone technology and complicated movements. The brand continues its dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship, design and innovation, offering the finest quality Swiss made timepieces and precious jewelry for both men and women. The Jacob & Co. collections are currently sold worldwide. For more information please visit


These fun and flirty Jacob & Co. briolette earrings feature 100 carats of multicolor sapphires set in gleaming platinum ($40,000).


From the Red Carpet Collection, Jacob & Co.’s magnificent one-of-a-kind Cleopatra’s Choker features 116.56 carats of multi-shaped diamonds set in 18K white gold (price available upon request).


Innovative and fashion-forward, Jacob & Co.’s Roulette 18kKwhite gold cufflinks feature spinning green and red enamel roulette wheels, with 2.11 carats of pavé-set white diamonds on the bezel and side ($24,000).


Jacob & Co.’s funky Octopus Cocktail Ring, set in 18K rose gold, features an Australian South Sea pearl surmounted by 6.24 carats of pavéset cognac diamonds and 0.24 carats of white diamonds ($48,800).


A Jacob & Co. favorite, this Full Finger Ring from the Lace Collection features 4.50 carats of pavé-set white diamonds set in 18K black-plated gold ($25,000).


These unique Jacob & Co. agate chandelier earrings, set in 18K black-plated gold, feature two amber agate stones that are highlighted with 8.93 carats of rose-cut and pavé-set white diamonds ($33,100).


From the Red Carpet Collection, these stunning Jacob & Co. chandelier earrings feature 27.47 carats of blue sapphires and 4.26 carats of white diamonds set in platinum ($120,000).


Let the world be green with envy as these striking 18K white gold pieces decorate your décolletage and frame your face. Boasting 156.47 carats of emeralds and 163.90 carats of white diamonds, the diamond-shaped pendent dangling off a diamond-encrusted chain evokes the opulence of European royal courts during the Renaissance. The earrings, meanwhile, aren’t lacking in the gemstone department either—11.96 carats of diamonds accent 68.98 carats of emeralds, adding a sparkling vivaciousness to their regal design (both prices available upon request).

Director of High Jewelry Philip Nassimi

(212) 719-5887

Jude Frances Jewelry

Rubelite Long Cushion Ring

JudeFrances Jewelry, the designer jewelry brand, is known for stunning designs and highquality pieces made with only the most luxurious materials.

Starting with their signature hoop and charm earring concept, JudeFrances has evolved into a comprehensive line featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings across several collections.

Although they are as different as white and yellow gold, when Jude Steele and Frances Gadbois met at a charity dinner in 2002, they instantly knew they would make ideal business partners. Eleven years later, not only have they become best friends, but together, they have turned JudeFrances Jewelry into a multimillion dollar brand retailed in Neiman Marcus and luxury boutiques across the country.

JudeFrances Jewelry continues to grow and develop into one of the most coveted fine jewelry lines available. Featuring their twice yearly spring and fall collections, JudeFrances showcases the Couture collection made with 18K gold, diamonds and semiprecious stones, JudeFrances Bridal available in 18K gold or platinum semi-mount settings, as well collections made with mixed metals of sterling silver and 18K gold with quartz and sapphires for a look that is simply California chic. Each stunning piece within JudeFrances Jewelry perfectly reflects what today’s smart, luxe sophisticate seeks: A look that like JudeFrances is classic, sexy and elegant.


Luscious green beryl sparkles in the JudeFrances Clover Cigar Cuff and Cushion Lattice Ring accented with pavé diamonds in 18K gold. The green beryl is accentuated by the Pavé Oval Fleur Kunzite Ring in 18K gold and diamonds and the Narrow Pavé Flower Cuff made with white sapphires set in sterling silver (all prices available upon request).


The Rubelite Long Cushion Ring by JudeFrances Jewelry has shimmering facets and sparkling Fleur de Lys surrounded by 180 diamonds set in 18K yellow gold (price available upon request).


The 18K gold and diamond Narrow Marquis Quilted Cuff and Quilted Ring are classic beauties with a twist. They are matched by the Open Lattice Clover Citrine Ring flanked with diamonds around warm citrine and accented by the JudeFrances Signature Pavé Venetian Cuff made with 18K gold and diamonds (prices available upon request).


Stack it up! JudeFrances bracelets stacked up the arm are a perfect way to make a statement. Cuffs shown in 18K yellow gold with diamonds feature the stunning Emerald Cabochon Cigar Cuff, along with bracelets in sterling silver with white sapphires that add sparkle and shine to any outfit (prices available upon request).


All that glitters… the signature earring hoop and charms make JudeFrances Jewelry truly unique. Made with 18K yellow and white gold and over 350 diamonds, these Lattice Pear Shape Chandelier Charms on the Small Jude Hoop are classic JudeFrances that make a statement (price available upon request).

Judith Ripka Jewelry

Monaco Rings

Judith Ripka designs the ultimate in luxury fine jewelry, enabling women to look and feel beautiful in every role in their lives, from blue jeans to black tie and everything in between.

Renowned for creating wearable, versatile jewelry for every woman, Judith Ripka designs two distinct collections: The 18K Couture collection and the Sterling Silver collection. Celebrated by the red carpet elite for its modern elegance and sophistication, each piece of jewelry Judith creates reflects her passion for design, or as she puts it, “When a woman is wearing my jewelry, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries.” Judith Ripka jewelry is available in key markets across the country and in select international markets such as Russia, Middle East, Asia, Canada and the Caribbean. Domestically, Judith Ripka jewelry is available at her own Judith Ripka retail stores, as well as luxury department stores such as Neiman Marcus and independent fine jewelers. Visit to learn more.


18K yellow gold, diamonds, pink sapphires and pink freshwater pearls (from $46,000).


18K yellow gold, diamonds and tanzanite ($22,000).


18K yellow gold, diamonds, white sapphires and mother-of-pearl ($16,500).


18K yellow gold and diamonds ($68,000).


18K yellow and white gold, diamonds and brilliant gemstones (from $6,300).

PR, Marketing and Special Events Associate Emily Doyle

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Lisa Nik Jewelry

Lisa Nik

New York-based jewelry designer Lisa Nik, known for her melding of 18K rose gold, bold-colored gemstones and diamond accents, creates timeless pieces that live and breathe in harmony with those who wear them.

Throughout the day and into the night, Nik’s jewelry truly takes on a life of its own. There is no need to take our word for it, however. With cocktail rings and earrings—made with special-cut gemstones—from the Rocks Collection, Eternity Bezel diamond chains from the Sparkle Collection and intricately designed earrings, cuffs and pendants modeled after gates from the Far East all featured in the coming pages, you are sure to experience their elegance for yourself. Lisa’s brand mission is to inspire the spirits of enlightened women while promoting moments of optimism and happiness. The following collections, designed for women that enjoy simplicity and believe in the power of individuality, are a direct testament to those efforts.


The Sparkle Collection’s Eternity Bezel Diamond chains dangle elegantly, shimmering with 18K rose, white and yellow gold. The diamond beads and droplets accent each material differently, bringing a unique personality to each of the collection’s three dazzling chains (prices depend upon chain length).


These big, bold, envy-inducing pieces come teetering with three massive diamond options on three distinctly different ring materials. The 15mm cushion rose de france comes balanced on a 18K white gold ring with diamonds while the 15mm cushion smoky quartz sits atop an 18K rose gold with diamonds option. The 17mm square amethyst ring rules the roost, perched on an 18K rose gold throne with diamonds (15mm rings: $2,940; 17mm ring: $3,360).


Three dramatic drops leap from 18K rose gold prasiolite earrings, encompassing an elegance that will set any jewelry aficionado’s heart aflutter ($2,949).


These rose quartz long drop earrings dangle their diamond accents with 18K rose gold while the 18K yellow gold Twisted Wires earrings burst with rich color and true Renaissance flair (18K rose gold earrings: $1,365; 18K yellow gold earrings: $1,260).


An 8.17mm round London blue topaz ring on 18K white gold with diamonds seems like the pinnacle of royal opulence, that is until you spot its companion, a 20mm round London blue topaz necklace on 18K white gold with diamonds (18K white gold ring: $3,360; 18K white gold necklace: $3,360).

Founder Lisa Nikfarjam

(310) 729-9760

Loree Rodkin Jewelry

Lorree Rodkin

Loree Rodkin blurs the distinction between modern and medieval in her couture collections.

Known for her nonconformist, visionary approach to jewelry making, Loree’s artisans use Old World techniques to handcraft each piece.

The designer made history when she designed jewelry for MichelleObamato wear at her husband’s inauguration. The First Lady’s jewels will be in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian. Loree has also crafted pieces for many of Hollywood’s brightest stars, among them Cher, Madonna, Sir Elton John and many more.

Loree’s aesthetic influences a design empire that encompasses fragrances, candles and eye couture. Her collections can be found in specialty boutiques worldwide.


Known for innovative, fashion-forward designs, Loree Rodkin’s latest take on her signature bondage ring is crafted from 18K white gold and features two black rhodium quatrefoils sparkling with pavé gray diamonds that frame a striking gray diamond center stone ($27,000).


Creating drama requires skill, and Loree Rodkin presents it masterfully in these teardrop earrings. Crafted in 18K white gold and black rhodium, these stunning earrings are adorned with 8.14 carats of gray diamonds set in an open quatrefoil design ($26,500).


These delicate, graceful earrings have achieved perfection. Gray diamonds enhance the 18K white gold and black rhodium open lacework design of these extra long oval beauties ($26,950).


The only things caught in this web are pools of blue sapphires. The subtle pattern of the 18K white gold with black rhodium bondage ring is home to three blue sapphires totaling 6.2 carats and edged with pavé gray diamonds ($27,600).


Loree Rodkin’s unique combination of spectacular stones and delicate design work gives the serene lotus a novel update in these eye-catching earrings. Earthy, bold Umba sapphires are balanced by gray and white diamonds set in 18K white gold with black rhodium and are held aloft by signature quatrefoils ($26,500).

Public Relations, Nicole Lamberty


Louis Glick Jewelry

Loius Glick Yellow Tiara

Only extraordinary diamonds…. Unsurpassed in beauty and quality, the diamonds of Louis Glick & Co. are each hand selected from the best the earth has to offer and then cut and polished to release its innate character.

Our exclusive jewelry pieces, created in-house, are each one-of-a-kind and showcase the diamonds’ brilliance and color in dazzling array.

Established in 1942, Louis Glick & Co. is one of the oldest and most respected firms in the industry and has grown to be a globally renowned diamond dealer and manufacturer. With a clientele ranging from the most prestigious, independent retail jewelers to heads of state and international royalty, Louis Glick & Co.’s diamonds and diamond jewelry remain among the most sought after and highly prized gems in the world.

From the simplest to the most lavish, Louis Glick’s are the diamonds that make the difference. For the buyer with discerning taste—come and experience the extraordinary.


Calling to mind the opulence of chandeliers, and glowing even brighter thanks to an 11-carat pear-shaped fancy yellow diamond set in its center, this necklace will be the envy at every event as it beams with 140 carats of beautiful diamond wattage (price available upon request).


In the luxury jewelry world, those in the know turn to diamonds. This necklace embodies that philosophy with 100 carats of yellow diamonds (price available upon request).


These elegant earrings, ringed in a micro-pavé setting, represent beauty in its purest form (price available upon request).


Though corsages will wilt, Louis Glick’s diamond brooch will last forever. Proceed with caution, however, because this curvaceous, floral-designed piece gleams with 24 carats of diamonds that combine to make real flowers seem boring by comparison (price available upon request).


We would never think your marriage motivations are anything less than romantic, but a gorgeous, envy-inducing ring can certainly never hurt. Thankfully Louis Glick has your nuptial needs covered with a white or yellow diamond ring sized at one carat and up (price available upon request).


Wrap your wrist in one or all of these stackable diamond bracelets shining with over 30 carats of diamonds in each bracelet. Options include alternating yellow and white, straight line yellow or straight line white designs (price available upon request).

Director of Sales Faye Winter

(212) 259-0300 and (800) 774-5425

Mastoloni Pearls


Over the past 80 years and three generations, Mastoloni has established itself as one of America’s exclusive creators of fine pearl jewelry. Chosen “Best in Pearls” by retailers across the country, Mastoloni bases its operations on the family principles of quality and innovation.

Revered for meticulous design and craftsmanship, Mastoloni is trusted worldwide for their unparalleled selection of fine quality cultured pearls. The Sorrento Collection boasts exquisite styles for all occasions ranging from daily, professional and evening to bridal wear. Mastoloni’s exotic array of South Sea and Tahitian pearl designs are available in the company’s exclusive Signature Collection.

Inspiration and influence for Mastoloni’s designs draw from the family’s roots in Europe near Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This inspiration, most prevalent in the brand’s Signature Collection, best represents Mastoloni’s continual commitment to creativity, innovation and stylistic evolution.


Extending from a cascade of black and white diamond briolettes, the highlight of these 18K gold earrings are the exquisite 13mm South Sea pearls. A matching pendant is also available (earrings: $18,500; pendant: $12,600).

DOUBLE RIBBON RING (opposite page)

This extraordinary 18K gold ring features a unique split-shank design with an 11.5mm South Sea pearl wrapped in diamond ribbons ($5,400).


This breathtaking 18K white gold cuff features 12mm Tahitian pearls placed between fluted diamond spacers. It is also available in 18K yellow gold with white South Sea pearls (18K white gold cuff: $20,000; 18K yellow gold cuff: $24,000).


These stunning 18K gold earrings feature lustrous 12.2mm Tahitian pearls emerging from a shower of black and white diamond briolettes. A matching pendant is also available (earrings: $12,000; pendant: $11,600).


These earrings feature the warmth of rich golden South Sea pearls, pavé links and diamond briolette stations. A matching pendant is also available. Pearls are natural color (earrings: $14,000; pendant: $11,000).


This showstopping necklace, powerful in its simplicity, features golden South Sea pearls secured with a pavé diamond ball clasp. Pearls are natural color ($46,000).

Partner Ray Mastoloni

(800) 347-3275

Mattia Cielo Jewelry

Mattia Cielo

Representing modern jewelry as the highest expression of art and the finest form of aesthetic research, Mattia Cielo, a fine jewelry brand for the 21st century, is based in Montenapoleone, Milan.

The brand was masterminded by Mattia Cielo himself, together with award-winning designer Massimiliano Bonoli.

Talking about their work, they explain: “We use technology and mechanism for a very basic reason: We want elastic, dynamic and ergonomic jewels. Movement is crucial to our work because it gives life to the jewels.

“Materials are important as well,” they continue. “Titanium gives us lightness, rose gold is able to transmit such energy and warmth to anyone wearing it and diamond is the king of light.

“Besides the aesthetic aspects, which are of course very important when designing a jewel, we like the challenge of designing and crafting what gives us the chance to show off our skills. Our aim is to create timeless jewels.”

The Mattia Cielo manifesto speaks of an ambition to “rewrite jewelry’s architectural rules” and their latest collection shows just that—with trademark bravura.


Flexible bracelet crafted in 18K white gold, titanium and white diamonds ($46,200).


Waving ring crafted in 18K pink gold and white diamonds ($30,200).


18K blue gold ring with diamonds and sliding shields ($37,400).


Elastic ring and bracelet in 18K pink gold, with amethysts, green and pink tourmalines and white diamonds (bracelet: $11,900; ring: $8,500).


Ergonomic necklace in 18K pink gold and white diamonds ($74,800).

Federica Vicariotto, Mattia Cielo Headquarters


Boutique Mattia Cielo

Via Montenapoleone 6, Milan


Matthew Campbell Laurenza Jewelry

Mirage Collection

We dare you not to fall madly in love with everything Matthew Campbell Laurenza designs—a hardship for those who have already fallen under the spell of the statement bohemian-luxe creations of his eponymous label M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza.

Launched at Bergdorf Goodman in 2007, the initial collection thrillingly had to be reordered five times within the first month to meet the overwhelming frenzy of demand.

Matthew’s impressive designs were received by the fashion world as a breath of fresh air, with both Time Magazine and the New York Times labeling him “Upcoming Designer to Watch” in 2008. The dramatic, youthful colors and eclectic styles exploded across the covers and pages of international publications Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and W Magazine, and are a staple on the red carpet among celebrities, with every collection generating greater anticipation than the last.

Simply put, the pieces are arresting works of art. Matthew’s innovative vision and trademark ability to blend antique looks with playful sophistication and flawless craftsmanship delivers signature aesthetics unique to the label. The opulent creations are sculpted in 9.25 sterling silver and plated with rhodium for a timeless appeal. The finest natural sapphires, rubies and semiprecious gems are then handset alongside vibrant enamel shades to exude that trademark M.C.L flair.

Matthew is a travel junkie at heart and his extensive voyages stimulate his designs and infuse that alluring appeal into his modern-day couture pieces. The collections are tied together by a current that traces back to his upbringing, one that revolved around his family’s vast collection of art and antiques. With a closer look, it is clear that the works of the Renaissance, Gothic and Art Deco movements have clearly influenced his distinctive style.

Today the signature creations are available across the globe at luxury retailers and independent boutiques in 32 markets with over 200 points of sale including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Liberty London, Isetan, Barneys New York, Lane Crawford and many more. Matthew’s future plans include expanding the brand into an all-round lifestyle label, starting with a signature accessories and luxury housewares line.

All featured products are available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.


Revel in Titania’s mystical gardens amidst the floral motifs of bright colors and luminous handset sapphires and semiprecious stones.


The Mirage Collection features an extravagant mixture of understated elegance and luxury evoking the exotic elements of Morocco. The diverse use of color within the collection allows Matthew’s trademark use of sapphires to heighten his unique sculptural designs to luxe appeal. Using the gems to highlight an element of the design in an unexpected way pays homage to the inspiration behind it.


Matthew’s mastery of combining striking enamel colors with genius versatility is an intriguing statement that consistently captivates attention and makes heads turn. The designs exude a sharp focus and take visceral inspiration from Matthew’s voyages. Enamel detailing, geometric designs and intricate flower patterns are beautifully illuminated by a brand new technique of metal-cut work displaying a distinct variation to M.C.L’s wearable art.


Matthew’s mission is to make daily accessorizing a powerful part of every woman’s style. The Basic Earrings Collection offers both sophistication and feminine elegance to the wearer. Adorned with sapphires and semiprecious stones, these sterling silver and rhodium-plated earrings exude a timeless appeal and are versatile for day-to-night glam


The stepping-stone towards a lifestyle brand, the Gold Crest Collection is a divine fusion of signature jewels with opulent silhouettes crafted from luxe materials like snakeskin, patent leather and resin. Committed to the artisanal tendencies that have become a brand hallmark, the bags are assembled by hand from start to finish. The elegant bejeweled designs are crafted and handset with the finest natural sapphires and semiprecious stones.

Online Customer Service Representative Josh Davis

Pamela Huizenga Jewelry

Pamela Huizenga

Pamela Huizenga’s studio tables are scattered with a dazzling assortment of gems, both glittering and gritty.

Diamonds, rubies, aquamarines, garnets, hemimorphite, uvarovite, emerald slices, multicolored sapphires and watermelon tourmaline share space with seashells and fossilized sea biscuits. The designer-cum-lapidary celebrates the combination of beauty and imperfection found in nature by creating exclusive jewelry with precious metals, gemstones and other natural elements. The result is a specimen of organic elegance, balancing texture, color and shape into a wearable mosaic of gems and metal.

Pamela learned to cut stones at the tender age of 16, instilling in her a deep appreciation and respect for the stones she works with. Focusing on the colors and shapes of gemstones, she works with their imperfections, instead of against them, allowing the stones to guide her designs.

“One of the most exciting aspects of being a designer is that I can create what I want,” says Pamela. “But what makes it all worth it is when someone sees your work and ‘gets it.’ They can feel the mystery in the stones and relate to why you created the piece. That is the most rewarding part of designing jewelry, when someone else can enjoy and appreciate your creation.”

While Pamela’s bracelets remain her signature, her designs, which are available at several fine jewelry boutiques and galleries, continue to evolve. From showstopping pendants and picturesque earrings to conversation starting rings, each piece of jewelry is a conscious artistic expression.

The woman who wears Pamela’s jewelry craves the artistic and original. She is someone who appreciates the intrinsic beauty of gemstones and the precision of exceptional craftsmanship. She is as unique as the jewelry itself, a one-of-a kind woman who decks herself in one-of-a-kind designs.


This stunning set celebrates natural diamond crystals in all their glory. Macle diamonds naturally occur in triangular shapes. The pairing of these precious pyramids with platinum adds a silvery radiance. Despite containing 58.16 carats of diamonds, the bracelet feels like liquid on the wrist while the feather-light chandelier earrings catch the light in their 24 carats of diamonds with every movement (earrings: $40,000; bracelet: $115,000).

PENDANT (opposite page)

This ancient pyrite ammonite fossil is given a new lease on life as a oneof- a-kind pendant studded in 18K gold and surrounded by exquisite natural color rose-cut diamonds (price available upon request).


Despite being studded with 77.35 carats of natural color rosecut diamonds, this solid 22K gold bracelet feels smooth and light as silk. To compliment this lavish bracelet is an opulent pair of natural color diamond earrings set in 18K gold. Rich rosecut and full-cut diamonds join the impressive faceted diamond slices dangling from the bottom and have a total diamond weight of 26.02 carats (earrings: $22,500; bracelet: $44,875).


Chalcedony was used in jewelry as far back as 1800 BC and to this day it is prized for its subtle beauty. Blue chalcedony is the focus of these lovely pieces set in 18K gold. The cabochon cut of the stones emphasizes the smooth, cool shades of periwinkle, bringing a delightful charm to the wearer (earrings: $2,050; bracelet: $18,000).


Signifying raw beauty at its most powerful, this sterling silver bracelet showcases the earthy magnificence of rainbow pyrite. Found in Russia, this is a relatively new parti-colored stone that shimmers with an abundance of gorgeous hues ($1,400).


Conjoining two exquisite elements, this bracelet’s liquid silver and cool turquoise create a soaring melody of stone and metal ($1,625).

Pamela Huizenga

(772) 873-7206

Pasquale Bruni Jewelry

Pasquale Bruni

Inside every Pasquale Bruni creation there is much more than a jewel: Carefully selected precious metals and stones, refined creativity, unique design, manufacturing excellence, continuous experimentation and a quest for form, colors and inspirations from all over the world.

A quality choice that the Italian jeweler Pasquale Bruni has been pursuing in his company since 1976, assisted with pride by his children Eugenia Bruni, creative director, and Daniel Bruni, gemologist of the maison. Today Pasquale Bruni represents an ideal link between the art of traditional jewelry and contemporary style, fine “Made in Italy” jewelry synonymous with the world of passion, unique Italian taste, style and creativity.

Pasquale Bruni boutiques are located in the most prestigious fashion districts in the world, places such as Via della Spiga in Milan; Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome; Place Vendôme in Paris; Tsum shopping center in Moscow; the luxurious Lagoona Mall in Doha and Rixos Premium Belek Hotel in Antalya. The next openings will be in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic and in the prestigious Dragon Hotel in Hangzhou, China.


The flowers of the splendid Bon Ton bouquet are precious ornaments, simultaneously refined and simple, delicate but decisive with a dizzying allure of femininity (ring in pink gold with amethyst, peridot and diamonds: $7,840).


Graceful and fascinating, the butterfly of the Liberty collection is a precious piece of jewelry with an astonishing design. The jeweler’s characteristic pavé gives these haunting animals their luminosity (ring in white gold and diamonds: $15,260).


Pasquale Bruni has dedicated a jewelry collection to Empress Elisabetta Amalia Eugenia of Wittelsbach. Known simply as Sissi, she was a woman of rare beauty and a symbol of all contemporary women: Delicate, romantic, relentless and at times paradoxical—true empresses of their time (ring in pink gold with blue topaz and brown and white diamonds: $9,730).


Mandala blossoms from the lotus flower. It’s the power of color, fused with an intimate and fascinating light and a labyrinth of emotions from which one emerges full of regenerative energy and the fascinating warmth of light (ring in pink gold with amethyst, rhodolite, iolite and blue topaz: $9,310).


Travel back in time with the magic of the ‘70 QUEEN collection, which boasts this hauntingly beautiful lotusshaped black spinel necklace. Dripping in drops of white kogolon, black onyx among dazzling white diamonds, wearing this evocative piece is like unearthing secrets of a mysterious past (necklace in white gold with black spinels, onyx and diamonds: $17,500).

Customer Care, Claudia Vercellese


Prediletto Jewelry


The Prediletto collection is a creative portrayal of innate beauty found in everyday objects designed by Carla Forte.

The designer is applauded for her unique ability to imagine the world around her in gemstones and gold. This talent to translate the literal world full of furniture, windows, books, clothing and other inanimate objects into one of elegant, classically beautiful jewelry is the very thing that sets the Prediletto collection apart in the market. Set in 18K gold, the collection is accented with diamonds, gemstones, wood, hammered silver or enameling.

Carla is a worldwide traveler who employs a global aesthetic—combining technical skills honed in New York City, the influence of Renaissance painters acquired from years spent living in Florence, and a playful taste for French-inspired trompe l’oeil or “tricks of the eye.” From her international travels, Forte has gained an expansive inventory of beautiful memories, from which she draws her inspiration. “When I look at a window, it is so much more than just a window,” muses Forte. “I see panes of the palest crystal—aquamarine with shimmering gold framework, drawn from my memories of Venetian balconies.”


Carla, through her exploration of countries around the globe, has gained inspiration from the structures around her—both antiquated and modern. Specifically the designer’s years spent living in Florence most influenced her appreciation for architectural beauty. This beauteous, gate-shaped 18K yellow gold cuff fitted with diamonds and a sapphire captures the whimsy—the rear doors open—that Carla brings to her designs ($27,000).


The Garment Collection represents designer Carla’s homage to the female goddess in every woman. The jewelry is inspired by classic garments and the memories they conjure. Like clothes, jewelry too is a way of expressing creativity in today’s society. This 18K white gold and black enamel piece with 258 diamonds is an exciting take on the sultry corset ($19,500).


The Prediletto collection is perfectly represented by the bejeweled Gift Box collection. Everyday objects that represent memories are re-imagined in luxurious materials and become personal “gifts” to the wearer. A symbol of a treasured present is a perfect memory to be cast in jewels. This special package comes wrapped in 18K yellow and pink gold caparisoned with 92 rubies and 392 diamonds ($36,000).


What better way to celebrate a night out on the town than with a cocktail made of diamonds? The Barware Collection is inspired by the alluring curves of champagne flutes, translating the glittering nightlife accoutrements into bejeweled pieces that are fun, flirtatious and fancy. These 18K white gold “martinis” are iced with almost seven carats of diamonds and topped off with green enamel olives that looks good enough to eat ($29,200).


The Prediletto Bow Collection represents the brand’s signature logo, and this exceptional piece, featuring 451 diamonds in a black rhodium and 18K white gold bow-shaped base, is a testament to Carla’s signature aesthetic. Already in the shape of a bow, these tiny bejeweled works of art make ideal gifts ($24,000).

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Janine Flora

(212) 845-9897

Shamballa Jewels


In 2001, inspired by Buddhist prayer beads, Mads Kornerup strung together gold beads with a braided nylon thread for the first time.

Little did he know that it would mark the birth of an iconic style—the Shamballa Bracelet. Never before had fine jewelry been presented with such refined casualness or offered such a high level of customization.

Following the success of the design, Mads and Mikkel Kornerup established Shamballa Jewels in 2005 and continue to create jewelry inspired by spiritual principles. With their jewelry, the brothers hope to encourage people to find their inner Shamballa, a mythical Himalayan kingdom believed to be inhabited by enlightened, compassionate people. The Star of Shamballa logo is present in each piece to remind you that just like stars, humans emanate heat and light. It is to remind you that you are a star.

Shamballa Jewels’ repertoire includes meticulously crafted customizable bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings and rings which are set, braided and polished by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their designs have become collectors’ items for purveyors of style like Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg and royalty from across the world seeking personalized, everyday fine jewelry.


Designed by Mads Kornerup, the bracelet features gold beads with roman letters forming his sons’ names, a raw white diamond signifying his love for gems and white and black diamond pavés. All beads are from Shamballa Jewels’ main collection. Explore your creativity to create a personalized piece (18K rhodium-plated rose gold bracelet with raw white diamond, 0.5 carats of white diamond pavé and black diamond pavé: price available upon request).


A trinity of pendants make up the Ultimate Protection Necklace: A Kartika Dragon, a Laughing Skull Phurpa and a Star of Shamballa dog tag pendant. Each pendant features spiritually oriented symbols representing an invitation to positivity and destruction of negativity (18K yellow gold necklace with white diamonds: $25,520).


With a12mmwhite diamond pavé bead at the center, the bracelet gradually tapers to 10mm white diamond circle pavés, 8mm white diamond pavés and 6mm Star of Shamballa beads in a sublime progression. Woven by hand in Copenhagen, it features Shamballa Jewels’ signature macramé style of braiding (18K yellow gold bracelet with white diamonds: $32,930).


A newer interpretation of the classic Shamballa Bracelet, the Lock Bracelets feature interchangeable Star of Shamballa plates and white diamond pavé plates in the center. The plates can be customized with rhodium plating or gemstones and diamonds in preferred colors (bracelets in18K rose, white and yellow gold with white diamonds: $20,530 each).


Intense green Colombian emeralds are highlighted by a black diamond pavé bead and four Star of Shamballa beads in 18K yellow gold and white diamonds. The bracelet can be customized to include beads of sapphire, ruby, turquoise, coral and other gemstones (Colombian emeralds, white diamonds, black diamonds in 18K yellow gold: $20,873).

Sales, Bine Grassme


Sutra Jewelry


Edwardian meets Art Deco: Sutra jewelry embodies a classic look framed by an eclectic aesthetic, mixing intricate and industrial with elegant aplomb.

Timeless yet of today, Sutra’s designs appeal to the forward thinking woman who is inspired, sophisticated and individualistic. From cascading earrings to delicately embellished rings, from the feather-light caress of a delicate necklace to the comforting grip of a sapphire-studded bracelet, each of the these pieces are as diverse as the women they adorn, and yet, like these women, possess a unifying thread of subtlety and grace.

Sutra’s gorgeous jewels are conceived in the rich imagination of designer Arpita Navlakha. Born into a family of jewelers, Arpita went onto graduate from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America before launching Sutra in 2008. “Surrounded by beautiful jewelry from a young age, I knew very early on that I would like to one day create jewelry myself,” says Arpita. “To me, jewelry is a wearable luxury—it lends to our identities and becomes a part of us when we wear it.”

Her distinctive designs have become a part of many women, including Hollywood starlets and other VIPs. With this new collection, Arpita continues to indulge her fans with unparalleled designs bathed in extraordinary jewels.


Ethereal gray diamonds combined with luscious Columbian emeralds is a recipe for a whimsical collection. The uneven edges on these charming earrings and ring display a playful disregard of design dictates and enchant the imagination with quirky arrangements of rose-cut diamonds and handpicked emeralds (both prices available upon request).


A vintage flair marks this coral-dotted collection with a delicate Edwardian appeal. The Sutra flower ring is abloom with a blushing coral center stone, offset with petals of dew drop gray rose-cut diamonds. The accompanying oval drop earrings with pink and white corals balance the ring’s brilliance with a softer, simpler aesthetic that is equally alluring in its loveliness (both prices available upon request).


As intoxicating as a peacock unfurling its magnificent feathers, the vivid azure of these tanzanites and rare opals translates the majesty of the animals into precious metals and gemstones. When bedecked in these 18K gold statement earrings, topped off with a dash of diamonds, both full-cut and rose-cut, it’ll be difficult not to strut like a peacock (price available upon request).


Panache and power go hand-in-hand in these 18K yellow gold chandelier earrings festooned with deep brown and intense yellow diamond slices and delicately accented with full-cut diamonds (price available upon request).


Culling its surreal beauty from the Mediterranean Sea, this one-of-a-kind Paraiba tourmaline ring is as smoothly beautiful as the water’s surface and as deeply hued as its depths. Contrasting rose and brilliant-cut diamonds surround the aqua Paraiba like stones and sand surrounding the sea (price available upon request).

President Arpita Navlakha

(713) 984-4987



Simple, classic, timeless: Inspired by simplicity, Syna excels in exquisitely crafted, effortlessly luxurious jewelry.

The brand was launched in 2003 by Dharmesh and Namrata Kothari, who at the time were constructing private label collections for some of the world’s most esteemed jewelry houses. Syna pushes the boundaries of creativity, evoking an ethereal elegance in their clean and cultured designs. While utilizing complex methods to showcase jewelry in its simplest form possible, the duo never loses sight of the inherent character of the stones, letting the natural beauty of the gems take center stage. Syna, an ancient Greek term that means “together,” promotes their belief that the possibilities of design—and life—are limitless when people work in tandem. Syna’s collections are available at most high-end stores nationwide, including Neiman Marcus and the Mitchells family of stores. Jewelry that transcends age and time, the Syna collection is for every woman who appreciates distinctive style.


Delicate antiques, a child’s colorful drawing, incredible architecture, breathtaking landscapes, unique door knobs… creative stimulation is all around. Be it on their travels or in their own backyard, Dharmesh and Namrata find inspiration everywhere. The imaginative duo weaves the natural beauty of gems with subtle forms that are striking yet simple. Their signature symbol, inspired by intricately latticed windows that frame grand Indian palaces, effortlessly merges into a medallion that identifies their roots and their design philosophy. They proudly call it the Mogul. Always in search of exotic new materials to use in their collections, the designers’ use of ancient inlay and carving techniques is apparent in these elegant pieces (18K yellow gold and mother-of-pearl Mogul signature earrings: $1,650; 18K yellow gold Mogul signature ring with lapis lazuli and diamonds: $6,600).


Mogul drop pendants are inspired by the traditional red tilak, a Hindu symbol of victory, success and fortune placed on the forehead. Each large drop is over 100 carats, cut to perfection and embellished in 18K yellow gold, sapphires and diamonds. Available in a dazzling array of moon quartz, blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, lemon quartz, rose quartz, blue chalcedony, black spinel, rock crystal, bold gold and blackened silver, the drops can be worn on 18K yellow gold or blackened silver chains and even on vintage leather cords (small, medium and large drop sizes: from $1,100 to 9,900).


The earth is a treasure box of beautiful colored gems. It is amazing how nature gives us these stunning stones with such potent color. Each stone is different in its own way, with its own personality and unique history. Syna’s Baubles collection adds an element of fun by mixing, matching and stacking these exotic stones to create unique stories of shades. Baubles Stacking rings and bracelets are crafted in 18K yellow gold with colored gemstones that include rubellite, chrysophase, peridot, chalcedony, quartz, amethyst, citrine, topaz, moon quartz, garnet, onyx, diamond and sapphire pavé (from $770 to $6,270).

Designer & Vice President Namrata Kothari

(201) 336-4132

Todd Reed Jewelry

Todd Reed

Todd Reed is one of the most highly collected jewelry designers in the world.

For over 20 years, he has redefined the use of diamonds in contemporary jewelry to celebrate the perfect geometry of uncut stones. Emanating authenticity and passion, each piece is inspired, designed and hand-fabricated in his Boulder, Colorado studio using recycled metals and raw diamonds. The resulting collection is a celebration of the diversity and range of colors and shapes found in the most unique, natural diamonds in the world.


Hewed from silver and hung with a dazzling combination of pear-shaped fancy diamonds, white brilliant diamonds and, encapsulating Reed’s au naturel aesthetic, raw diamonds, these earrings come winking with over 4.5 carats of bespoke elegance ($12,760).


With a 3.19-carat rose-cut diamond and a massive 8.81-carat raw diamond both vying for supremacy of this gold ring’s settings, the two focal points inadvertently combine to create a truly unique piece. Surrounded by white brilliant diamonds, this ring strikes an imposing presence that encapsulates the perks of friendly competition ($11,660).


It is said that variety is the spice of life and this pair of earrings, featuring yellow, amber and deep blue tones spread throughout 12 carats of fancy-cut and white brilliant diamonds, acknowledges this time-honored philosophy with equal parts wit and beauty ($19,580).


This contemporary, streamlined cuff comes meticulously speckled with a 17.5 carat blend of autumn’s brilliant, cognac princess-cut and regular princess-cut diamonds, establishing a perfect understated base for a 25.35-carat rose-cut center diamond that is anything but subtle ($189,200).


Intricately textured and splashed with over nine carats of black brilliant diamonds, this cuff perches a glowing, 42-carat, pear-shaped cabochon gem upon its 18K gold edge. A cliffhanger it certainly isn’t, however, for this piece is guaranteed to be the pride of your collection for years to come ($124,000).

Jennifer Thompson at Todd Reed Showroom

(303) 442-6280

Tresor Jewelry


“Designing jewelry is not only my heritage but my passion”—Puja Bordia.

Trésor, meaning “precious” in French, is a poetic jewelry journey encapsulating a fresh, contemporary approach. An enchanting collection of glamorous and opulent luxuries, Trésor designs are more than just pieces of jewelry; they are an ensemble of art and imagination.

Puja Bordia, the creative spirit behind Trésor, hails from the Mookim family who has served as jewelers to the likes of India’s Jaipur kingdom’s royal family for 18 generations. Bordia’s passion and love for jewelry is in her blood. During her childhood, she often crafted beaded jewelry for herself as well as her dolls in various colors using different gemstone. As she grew up, Bordia further pursued her interest in fashion and design, receiving a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was awarded Best Debut Designer of the Year 2001. Bordia also attended the Gemological Institute of America, where she gained indepth knowledge of diamond grading and quality.

With her creative designs, motivated soul and inherited passion for jewels, Bordia introduced her very first debut Trésor collection in fall 2008. She derives her inspiration from a variety of artistic expressions found in architecture, beautiful paintings, contemporary sculptures and nature itself. Every single piece is meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to design and detail. Her jewelry is an eclectic mix of textures, techniques, rich heritage and cultural references that comes together to create a charismatic collection where every single piece is unique and one of it own kind.

Tresor pieces have adorned such glamorous trend setters as Catherine Zeta Jones, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Kristin Cavallari and Elizabeeth Hurley, to name just a few. The collection features a wide array of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs, all of which embody the core essence of elegance, simplicity and timelessness.


This elegant earring and bracelet set comes adorned in beautiful bicolor tourmalines and diamonds set in 18K yellow gold. With each piece being one-of-a-kind, this set is sure to add a singular flair to your personal collection (earrings: $4,400; bracelet: $26,000).


In a jewelry world dominated by tired gold and silver color palates, this colorful sapphire, tourmaline and mandarine slice necklace in 18K yellow gold is guaranteed to standout from the lookalike crowd. Combine the necklace with matching earrings or Trésor’s newest Mosaico Collection, featuring vibrant multicolor tourmaline hoops and a matching stackable ring available in solid as well as multicolor palette in yellow, rose or white gold, and you will never be lost in the luxury shuffle again (Fin Collection earrings: $895; Fin Collection necklace: $2,750; Mosaico Collection ring: $795; Mosaico Collection hoops: $2,375).


That isn’t the sound of clinking crystal you hear, it’s the diamond petals on Trésor’s ruby and organic champagne necklace. Hung upon 18K yellow gold, though beautiful the collection doesn’t reach its true potential until you’ve added either the ruby and diamond or labradorite and diamond ring sets (labradorite and diamond rings: $2,750; necklace: $3,500; ruby and diamond rings: $3,500).


An evolution of Trésor’s logo, inspired by the Greek Celtic knots and a symbol of eternal love and luck, the Logo Collection uses design cues from the brand’s icon to create beautiful pieces using diamonds, gemstones and briolettes. Highlights include the small logo pendant available in 18K yellow, rose and white gold, matching earrings and studs, and, to top it all off, a mesmerizing ring (pendant: $1,700; ring: $1,925; earrings and studs: $2,375).


As sweet as jewelry gets, these large cocktail rings from the Dazzle Collection perch massive rose quartz and amethyst gems in eye-catching ruby pavé settings. Built upon graceful 18K rose gold rings, these rings’ delicate tangle of scintillating facets lends each host the elegance of unbridled femininity (rose quartz cocktail ring: $3,500; amethyst cocktail ring: $3,950).

Owner and Designer Puja Bordia

(866) 998-7376

Yael Sonia Jewelry

Yael Sonia Faceted Rock rings bouquet

Yael Sonia’s creations are timeless yet unique. Her ingenious designs have gained her public acclaim and international awards, such as the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Award for her Spinning Wheel necklace.

Yael’s initial work was inspired by the creation of life, a mother’s love. These pieces are very personal, organic and one of a kind. Since this initial collection, her work has been more about translating the simple joys of childhood into exquisite fine jewelry. The kinetic jewelry of the Perpetual Motion Collection is inspired by children’s interactive toys and their melodic sounds. The Kite Collection is delicate and airy while making a statement. The uniquely cut gemstones reflect light and give the jewels an amazingly luminous quality. The Rock Collection started as a playful expression of the traditional engagement ring, “the rock on her finger.” Today the collection evolves and is often inspired by the gemstones and the Art Deco period.

Celebrating 15 years in design, Yael continues to create new additions to her current collections, allowing her work to grow organically from the inspirations surrounding her in the world through travel and life experiences. Yael Sonia fine jewelry is all handmade in her studio/showroom in São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to her studio, Yael Sonia jewelry can be purchased currently in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Hong Kong.


The Spinning Cuff and Spinning Ring are handcrafted in 18K yellow gold with a diamond pavé sphere. The spheres roll freely within the gold structures, emitting a melodic sound with the wearer’s movement (cuff bracelet with 0.75 carats of pavé diamonds: $22,960; ring with 0.5 carats of pavé diamonds and a central 40-point diamond: $14,500).


The set of Spinning Oval bracelets are made in 18K yellow gold with amethyst, smoky quartz and blue topaz with diamond accents (0.66 carats). The pair of Pendulum with Ball earrings in 18K yellow gold are pavéd with diamonds (4.1 carats) and blue topaz spheres. Gemstone spheres roll freely in the gold structures as pendulums swing from side to side (bracelets: from $13,500 each; earrings: $24,800).


The Spinning Curve, which can be worn as a pendant or a bangle, is made in 18K white gold with 13.5mm round Tahitian pearls and pavéd with diamonds (5.4 carats). Pearls roll freely in the gold structure with the wearer’s movements ($49,500).


Faceted Brilliant Fancy and Asymmetric Faceted Brilliant Fancy rings are crafted in 18K gold with a colorful selection of Brazilian gemstones and diamonds. Rings can be worn alone, in pairs or trios. The combinations are endless (Asymmetric Faceted Brilliant Fancy ring: from $2,400; Faceted Brilliant Fancy ring: from $2,900).


This pair of Kite chandelier earrings, the latest addition to the Kite Collection, comes in 18K yellow gold with lemon quartz. The precious gems in the earrings flash enticingly as light hits the facets of the uniquely cut gemstones ($6,800).

US Director of Marketing and PR and Luxury Consultant Ilana Whitestone

(212) 472-6488

Yvel Jewelry


Founded in 1986 by Orna and Isaac Levy, YVEL (a mirror image of the Levy name) is an award-winning luxury jewelry brand whose one-of-a-kind creations are sold across five continents.

Every piece of YVEL jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in the YVEL Design Center in Jerusalem, a beautifully renovated facility that features an impressive visitor’s center and showroom, a philanthropic jewelry school benefitting Ethiopian Israeli immigrants and an exclusive VIP wine cellar, featuring boutique wines from the surrounding Judean Hills.

The Levy duo, a unique husband and wife design team, look to the exotic treasures of Mother Nature for inspiration, especially organic baroque pearls and asymmetrical precious gemstones. They passionately combine elements from the sea and the earth to create versatile, contemporary jewels and breathtaking beauty.

Isaac and Orna are equally passionate about giving back. In 2011, they co-founded the Megemeria (“Genesis”) School of Jewelry & Art in the YVEL Design Center to assist new Ethiopian immigrants as they integrate professionally and socially into Israeli society.

“My way of repairing the world,” says Isaac, “is to help support our immigrants, especially the vulnerable and talented Ethiopians.” Experience the magic at


YVEL is “not your grandmother’s pearls.” Stunning pearl designs like this beautiful, natural Keshi pearl brooch set with 18K white gold and accented with diamonds make instant conversation pieces and wearable works of art. This stunning brooch won the prestigious “Best in Pearl Design” at the Town & Country Couture Design Awards—the Oscars of the fine jewelry industry (price available upon request).


Famed for pearls, YVEL is also known for exotic precious gemstones, like the 11th largest available emerald in the world. This 187-carat emerald is set with 18K gold and white diamond accents on a handcrafted lariat chain that allows the organically shaped stone to cover the heart and radiate natural beauty from the very core of the woman who wears it (price available upon request).


Who can resist the allure of colored diamonds? YVEL offers a beautiful mosaic of natural multicolored diamonds set in 18K white, yellow and rose gold in an exquisite cuff bracelet. Handcrafted by artisans in the YVEL Design Center in Jerusalem, this bracelet offers understated elegance and enduring value (price available upon request).


YVEL’s Rainbow Collection features allnatural, exotic sapphires from the Umba River Valley in Tanzania. Set in 18K satin finish gold, these precious gems come in a flattering array of colors to complement every skin tone and bring feminine charm to each outfit (row bracelet, earrings and necklace: all prices available upon request).


The sensual, romantic Pastel Collection by YVEL features soft, feminine hues of freshwater baroque pearls in a wide array of versatile styles, set with 18K gold or colorful precious sapphires. Celebrate your inner luster with these contemporary pearls that are sure to turn heads and captivate attention (ring, earrings and strands: all prices available upon request).

Director of US Sales Nir Shinuk

(212) 755-0688

Zoltan David

Zoltan David

Recognized by Christie’s as a leading contemporary designer, Zoltan David’s innovation and artistry enchants and inspires the collectors of today.

His Old World craftsmanship conjoined with cutting-edge technologies and material science result in spectacular original works. One of his most recent innovations includes a revolutionary design concept in marriage rings to be unveiled soon. Blazing his own path—“Artists do not follow trends, they liberate people from them”—Zoltan describes his work as half engineering and half fantasy. “There is an energy all around us, within us and beyond us,” says Zoltan about his work. “Countless times I have experienced this force and, I would venture to guess, so have you. This glory of life is something many of us share. Along with numerous collections, I have been designing and creating bespoke pieces for years, and this has revealed something to me: Jewelry can be a catalyst for this energy to be magnified, amplified and utilized. The work I do is meaningful, not only to me but to my clients. Together we share this powerful beauty and this is a blessing indeed.” For an insight into the world of this extraordinary Master of the Jewelry Arts, please visit


International Award Winning Design—A global search for the perfect pair of trilliantcut tanzanites resulted in the centerpiece of this design, two gem-quality tanzanites that total 17.67 carats. The Flowerfyl is fashioned in platinum with 24K gold inlay, 1.25 carats of marquis-cut tanzanites and ideal-cut, 3.61-carat diamonds that are D-E in color and Internally Flawless to VVS clarity. This one-of-a-kind collector’s piece took over 300 hours to complete ($110,000).


Determined to find the finest three-carat emerald on the international market, Zoltan David acquired this 2.96-carat beauty for this one-of-a-kind ladies ring. Along with the 0.27 carats of D-E color, Internally Flawless to VVS clarity ideal-cut diamonds, The Duchess is created in platinum and 24K gold. The shaped inlay in this piece and all other works of Zoltan David use his proprietary adornment, the only patented metal ornamentation technique employed in jewelry today ($36,370).


This is the fourth unique pendant in this limited-edition series, the first of which was inspired by a donation to a children’s’ school in Tanzania. This one-of-a-kind piece contains an exceptional 9.55 carat Ethiopian opal and 0.14 carats of D-E color, Internally Flawless-VVS clarity ideal-cut diamonds. It is made in wear- and scratch-resistant midnight black surgical steel with 24K gold inlay and a 24K gold handmade chain ($13,900).

KNIGHT DREAMS WEDDING BANDS These men’s and women’s wedding bands are made in wear- and scratch-resistant black cobalt chromium and 24K gold inlay and interior sleeve. Optional precious metal inlay of rose gold or platinum may be used in these pieces, created for the individual requirements of the client (women’s band: $4,900; men’s band: $5,500).


A necklace and earring suite from the Knight Dreams collection, these ultra lightweight earrings and large pendant are fashioned in black cobalt chromium steel and 24K gold. The 11.3mm gem-quality golden South Sea pearl in the pendant and a matching pair of 10mm gem-quality golden South Sea pearls in the earrings are captured within this carefully engineered piece to float freely within their cage. The suite can also be made with various precious metal inlays and floating “elements” (pendant: $4,900; earrings $5,400).

Gallery Manager Danielle Bryan

(512) 372-8888

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