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The 6 Best Restaurants in Berlin

Whether you are looking for classic delicacies or groundbreaking chefs, Berlin caters to all palates.

By Olivia Franks |  May 15 2021


Berlin has been through a lot in the past century but, as of now, Germany’s capital has become a thriving metropolis for gourmands. The city’s gastronomic scene has exploded with fine dining options and now boasts 24 Michelin star restaurants. Whether you are looking for classic delicacies like Lutter & Wegner or groundbreaking chefs like Tim Raue, Berlin caters to all palates. Whilst taste remains a priority, the best restaurants in Berlin have garnered acclaim for their sustainable practices so enjoy the gastronomy on offer safe in the knowledge of sound environmental strategies. 


hugos - best restaurants in berlin

The conversation starter surrounding this Mitte culinary hit is its 14th floor location. The stunning views across Berlin astound but the food should not be underplayed. Having earned a Michelin star in 1999 and maintained it for over 20 years, Hugo’s head chef Eberhard Lange offers an eight- and six-course menu that perfectly complements top 50 sommelier Manfred Welter’s extensive wine list. He delicately combines regional fare with international cuisine. Choose from locally sourced venison or opt for Artic Sea codfish. For the more free-spirited diners, there is also a ‘surprise’ 10-course menu that frequently changes.

Lutter & Wegner

Lutter & Wegner - best restaurants in berlin

This is one for the traditionalists. A storied institution known for being one of the best restaurants in Berlin, Lutter & Wegner has dealt in German staples since 1811, serving stars like Marlene Dietrich. It reopened in 1997 on the same street, Charlottenstrasse, and has perfected classics like sauerbraten, schnitzel and Sacher torte. The wood paneled walls are adorned with wine bottles, a sign of the extensive wine list (over 700 labels) available to diners. As the wider food scene looks outward, it is quite refreshing to see such pride and care displayed for Germany’s gastronomic heritage.

Grill Royal

Steak, Krug and plenty of space to eat; these were the stipulations for opening Grill Royal and they seem to have been a recipe for success. Your meal awaits you in an open glass fridge at this classic steakhouse located on the banks of the Spree River on FriedrichstrasseIf you enjoy dining alongside Hollywood A-listers, this celebrity honey pot will deliver them on a platter. Perhaps they are drawn to the décor’s Hollywood glamour due to the low lighting and velvet interior.

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facil - best restaurants in berlin

A bamboo laden haven in Potsdamer Platz, FACIL sits on the fifth floor of the Mandala HotelIn accordance with its philosophy, the ‘lightness of being head chef Michael Kempf’s focus is on seasonal ingredients presented delicately. Mingling international mains, like Scottish scallops, with local sides has earned FACIL two Michelin stars. Popular choices includEggplant cannelloni with salt lemon and miso and the artichoke gazpacho.

Tim Raue

Kreuzberg is now a culinary hot spot but when head chef Tim Raue was an adolescent it was one of the poorest neighborhoods in Berlin. Its rise has mirrored his; once a gang member, now a holder of two Michelin stars (earned in 2010 and 2012)Raue’s culinary inspiration for his Hummingbird, Koi and Vegan menus came from a visit to Singapore. Delicious but light fare, Raue doesn’t cook with carbohydrates or white sugar so make sure this doesn’t need to fuel you for a long day in the capital.

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Rutz has achieved the highest Michelin rating and it is easy to see why. Not only does it have three Michelin stars, but it has also been recognized with the Michelin Green Star which celebrates sustainable culinary practice. Personally, lauded head cheMarco Muller has been acknowledged as the ‘best chef in Germany’. We recommend the eight-course Inspiration menu to try everything Rutz has to offer and allow the servers to guide you on the wide array of fine German wine. Despite the worldwide recognition and being one of the best restaurants in Berlin, the atmosphere remains as serene and discreet as ever.

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