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Here, Elite Traveler has chosen a range of exciting gifts to put a smile on your child's face this holiday season.

By Irenie Forshaw |  November 4 2021

Luxury Kids Gift Guide 2020
Credit: Shutterstock

With so many new toys hitting the shelves each year, choosing the perfect gift for your little one can feel like a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or the latest novelty gadget, in this gift guide Elite Traveler has carefully chosen a range of luxurious and expensive gifts for kids that will not only bring joy this festive season but create happy memories for the rest of the year.

Bentley, Balance Bike 

Child riding the bentley balance bike outside

The Bentley Balance Bike / ©Bentley Motors

Learning to ride a bicycle is an exciting and rewarding experience for both parents and kids. If your little one isn’t quite ready for a pedal bike, the Bentley Balance Bike is the ideal gift to help young riders build their confidence and master balancing on two wheels. The lightweight, pedal-less bike has been designed with the same meticulous detail that goes into the luxury car manufacturer‘s vehicles, with diamond-quilted adjustable handlebars and an eco-leather seat. Of course, safety is at the heart of the design: the stylish bike features a brake locking system and 12-inch rubber tires for balancing out uneven surfaces.

£450 ($620),

Bugatti + The Little Car Company, Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti Baby II on tarmac

Only 500 of the Bugatti Baby II will be built making it the gift of a lifetime / ©The Little Car Company

For kids who love cars, there is nothing more exciting than the thought of getting behind the wheel. Back in 1926, famed automobile designer Ettore Bugatti built a mini-replica of a Bugatti Type 35 (one of the most successful racing cars of all time) for his son’s birthday. Now, to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, the iconic car manufacturer has introduced the Bugatti Baby II (for children age 14 and over). Three-quarters the size of the Type 35 and powered by an electric motor, only 500 of the precious cars will be built making it the gift of a lifetime for car enthusiasts.

From €30,000 (approx. $34,890)

Lillagunga, Classic Walnut Swing 

Children playing on the Lillagunga classic walnut swing

The classic walnut swing arrives preassembled and ready for play / ©Lillagunga

A swing is a timeless present that is sure to bring joy to your little adventurers this festive season. Designed in Finland, Lillagunga’s Classic Walnut Swing arrives preassembled and ready for play. Safe and easy to use, the stylish swing can be set up indoors as a charming addition to your kid’s playroom or outside in the garden. Suitable for kids aged three to 14, the swing can be readily adjusted to your child’s height as they grow for a special gift that will last many years to come.


Louis Vuitton, Football Table

Louis Vuitton canvas football table

Louis Vuitton canvas football table / ©Louis Vuitton

Young soccer fans will delight in getting their very own Louis Vuitton football table this festive season. Available in several different colors and materials (including the iconic monogram canvas), immaculate details include hand-painted players inspired by an LV groom illustration from 1921 and gold enamel counting coins for keeping score. The elegant football table is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that will provide the entire family with hours of fun and make a beautiful addition to your kid’s playroom.


Hasbro, Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle from Hasbro with Disney dolls

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle / ©Hasbro

When it comes to dolls houses, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than this Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle. Standing at almost four feet tall, the three-story castle has six rooms and a sofa that converts into an outside swing. Perhaps most impressive is the musical firework display in the upstairs window and array of accessories from classic Disney Princess films (including a teapot, fork, comb and mirror) to help bring your child’s imagination to life. Of course, no dolls house is complete without its dolls. To make the gift extra special, you’ll need this beautiful set of all 12 Disney Princesses.


Harrods, Christmas Bear 

Harrods Christmas Bear 2021

Angus the giant Christmas Bear / ©Harrods

A teddy bear is a classic gift for your child, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Those eager to find a truly special cuddly toy need look no further than Harrods. The iconic London-based department store first started selling teddies in 1906. Since then, the annual Christmas Bear has become a much-loved companion of children around the world. This year’s furry friend is called Angus. Inspired by Scottish heritage, he wears a festive sweater and hat featuring a green and yellow Argyle pattern. Standing at 5.9 ft tall, this giant stuffed bear will make a perfect playmate for your child.

$1,950 ($2,685), 

Fendi, Scooter

Junior micro baby scooter from Fendi

The junior micro baby scooter features striking yellow handlebars / ©Fendi

This sleek black aluminum scooter from Fendi is the perfect present for energetic kids who love the outdoors. Designed for children aged eight to 14, the scooter has height-adjustable handlebars ensuring it will last long beyond the festive season and can easily be folded up and carried by the sturdy fabric strap. Thoughtful design details include striking yellow handlebars, the tobacco FF logo covering the foot deck and a white light at the front to ensure safe scooting after dark. For younger kids aged three to six, Fendi also has a Micro Baby Scooter complete with a detachable steering device and seat.


Forivor, Duvet Set 

Child reading with Forivor duvet set

The hand-illustrated Space Above the Ground duvet set / ©Forivor

Made from luxurious organic rain-fed cotton, this hand-illustrated duvet set from Forivor makes bedtime magical. The unique, super-soft bedding depicts a starlit sky dotted with enchanting creatures to inspire your little one’s dreams. To make this gift even more special, choose the premium option which includes a canvas suitcase ideal for sleepovers and a storybook that brings the captivating illustrations to life. Committed to protecting the planet and creating its products as sustainably as possible, Forivor reduces textile waste through its ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ sample sales, while using leftover materials to create pouches and journals.


Hermès, Hermy Rocking Horse 

Hermès Rocking Horse

Hermy Rocking Horse / ©Hermès

It’s easy to see why rocking horses are one of the most popular toys in history, inspiring children’s imaginations for hundreds of years. As well as making a nostalgic addition to your kid’s room, they can help improve balance and the gentle rocking motion is a comforting way to get ready for naptime. With its plush mane, wool fur and quality beech wood base, this luxurious Hermy Rocking Horse by Hermès makes a wonderful gift for little riders this holiday season.


Lego, Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets playset from LEGO

The Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets playset includes 10 mini-figures and the Basilisk snake / ©LEGO

Harry Potter devotees will have endless fun with this spellbinding Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets playset from Lego. With an impressive 1,176 pieces to assemble and an array of accessories such as the sorting hat, it’s an ideal gift for encouraging your young witches and wizards’ imaginations to roam free. The set comes with 10 mini-figures including an exclusive collectible golden Voldemort and glow-in-the-dark Nearly Headless Nick. Painstaking details like the Basilisk snake with its opening jaws, head with rotatable joints and tail with three reconfigurable parts guarantee this will be a thrilling present for Potterheads.


Plum, Bowl Freebound Trampoline

Plum freebound trampoline

Designed with safety in mind the trampoline is held securely in place with soft FLX bungees / ©Plum

This 14-foot trampoline from Plum is the ideal gift for getting the kids away from their screens and out into the fresh air this holiday season. The traditional flatbed has been replaced with a cutting-edge curvilinear form, giving your little ones even more space for bouncing. Designed with safety and silence in mind, the trampoline is held securely in place with soft FLX bungees (so you won’t have to worry about squeaky springs).



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