Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler is an author, public speaker, occasional broadcaster and restaurant critic. He is the only person to have eaten at every three star Michelin restaurant in the world, most recently in 2016. His website, set up in 1994, is the oldest running restaurant review website on the planet, with reviews of over 1,600 restaurants from around the world.

The Best Sunday Roasts in London

A Sunday roast is one of Britain’s great culinary traditions, with the practice of eating roast beef so longstanding that as far back at the 18th century the French were mocking the English as “les rosbifs”. In times gone by, families would eat a meat-based meal on Sunday after church, and although the religious connotations have faded, the Sunday lunch […]

Six of the Best English Country House Restaurants

There is something special about a grand English country house restaurant on a summer’s day. For a variety of reasons, England has preserved more of its grand aristocratic houses than most. Some of them have been converted into restaurants or hotels, where you can eat like a lord. Here are six of the very best that you can take a […]

The Most Influential Restaurant Dishes Ever with Andy Hayler

There are some restaurant dishes that not only taste good, but cause ripples around the culinary world. They are so striking that they are copied, adapted and tweaked by other chefs. For this list of most influential restaurant dishes ever, I have tried to restrict my selection to five, and so have to miss out many plausible candidates. These include […]

Most Influential Restaurant Dishes

Five Best Restaurants in the World with Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

I am often asked what the best restaurants in the world are. There can be no definitive answer to this, but I can tell you my five favorites. Schwarzwaldstube There are few prettier places to visit than the Black Forest, and near the top of a pine tree-covered valley there is Schwarzwaldstube, the most influential restaurant in Germany. This has […]

Best Tokyo Restaurants 2019: An Ultimate Guide by Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

Tokyo is the food capital of the world. No one knows how many restaurants there really are there, but restaurant site Tabelog lists over 140,000. It has 11 three-star Michelin restaurants (Paris has 10), a remarkable 55 two-star eateries (to Paris’s 15), and 162 with one star, almost twice as many as the French capital. You can eat top-notch Italian […]

Best Indian Restaurants in London by Andy Hayler

By Andy Hayler

Finding the best Indian restaurants in London is no easy task. The cuisine has a long history in London, starting with The Hindoostane Coffee House back in 1810. The longest running one is Veeraswamy, which opened in 1926. No-one can be sure exactly how many Indian restaurants London has, but Tripadvisor currently lists 1,271, so it is not surprising that […]

Why Wine Tastes Different on Airplanes

By Andy Hayler

The readers of Elite Traveler spend a lot of time in the sky, so may have noticed that a fine vintage can taste completely different at altitude. I recently spent some time chatting with Tom Harrow, a well-known wine consultant and writer, to find out why wine tastes different on airplanes. Tom first explored the effect of altitude on the […]

Wine on Airplanes

The Stars of Munich’s Restaurant Scene

By Andy Hayler

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, in the south east of Germany near the Austrian border. Internationally, many people associate German food mostly with sausages, but this is an out-dated view – even though they do indeed love their sausages in Bavaria. Munich has six one star Michelin restaurants as well as four two star places and the recently promoted […]

Where to Eat in Shanghai and Hangzhou

By Andy Hayler

Take the high-speed train between Shanghai and Hangzhou to discover the unique food scene of each gastronomic city. Shanghai, with over 24 million inhabitants, is the dynamic business hub of China and the largest city on earth. Not surprisingly it offers a wealth of dining options, from simple neighborhood places selling “xiao long bao” soup dumplings up to a pair […]

The Stars of Northern Italy’s Restaurant Scene

By Andy Hayler

The inhabitants of southern Italy refer to those in the north rather disparagingly as “polenta eaters”, but there is a great deal more to the cuisine of northern Italy than that cornmeal staple. Just an hour north of Milan is the region known as the Italian Lakes. As well as being striking beautiful, the numerous lakes in this area are […]